Responsibility takes on a whole new meaning when you become a parent. You are now responsible for a small child – feeding them, clothing them, keeping them safe, educating them about the correct way to behave…it sometimes feels like a heavy task. I’ve caught myself many times over the past years focusing outwardly on all the ways I am responsible for others; forgetting that most importantly, I am Responsible for me.

Yes, parents (and non-parents alike) you are Responsible for the choices you make, for where you place your focus, for the thoughts and feelings you may choose to persist in – or not. You are Responsible. I am Responsible.

When I found out I was pregnant with my fourth child, at first I was angry. I felt like God had not followed my instructions – which I thought had been very clear – three children are enough for me! But as I moved into Acceptance of what was, I began to see how, in fact, I was Responsible for this situation. I remembered all the times I thought or spoke with my friends about how I would enjoy having one more child. At the time of conception, I had been actively working on strengthening the intimate relationship with my husband, while I stopped taking any form of birth control. Perhaps my instructions to the Lord, God had been clear after all, but were actually, “let’s have one more!!!”

So here we are, baby number four on his way. What I’ve taken from this experience is the reminder of how powerful a creator I am and that it is best to create wisely. Dr. Lane says in The Money Workbook;

“Beyond the dimensions which can he ascertained by the physical apparatus of the body lies one in which our wishes are heard and supplied to us. It acts much as a suction tube does: what goes in one end comes out the other. Therefore, it is very important what you put into this end of the tube for you receive whatever you have placed in it. This “tube” supplies our wishes much as oxygen is supplied. As we can create responsibly or irresponsibly and we are, in either case, responsible for our creations, it is best to create only what is truly needed by us.”

As a powerful creator, I have the choice to create positively or negatively. I have the choice to go with the feelings and judgements that come to me (i.e. “Do we have enough money for another child?”; “Do I have enough time/energy for another child?”; “My body will be ruined!”) or the choice to focus into Spirit and know that my family and I are okay. I move into my Integrity, as the Spirit I am, by releasing any fears or negative judgements I have about a fourth child, by saying, “Lord, God, for the Highest Good send me Your Light! Please take from me any fears or negative judgements I have about the baby!” I then tell myself, “(my name) it’s okay to let it go!” And I let it go.

I, then, co-Create positively with the Lord, God, by staying Present. I ask, the Lord, God for what it is I want by saying, “Lord, God send me Your Light! For the Highest Good, I place into Your Light the baby. Please Bless him and co-Create with me the money to cover all new baby/child expenses; the time and energy to be with the baby and continue to take care of all the other chores/Commitments/Service/family responsibilities I have; and the physical strength to keep my body fit during and after pregnancy!

As I exercise my power of choice and choose wisely, I am then being Responsible for my life!

For further reading about how to create wisely, I highly recommend these Tools For Living Free, by Dr. Roger B. Lane.
#98 “Choosing Your Creations Wisely”
#67 “Creating The Life You Truly Want”
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