Participation Check is a concise and powerful Tool that involves registering within myself if I am positive, Present and engaged or simply puttering by in life, am into my repetitive inner story line of hurt, worry, fear and simultaneously contracting my energy. Similar to an interested scientist, when I do a Participation Check, I simply look within and take tally of what I find. Am I harboring anger? Am I considering life to be the boring doldrums and just scrapping by the day with an inner grumble? Do I notice the world around me and am I Present with the gifts and Blessings that each moment offers – whether is it a flower blooming beside the bus stop or a child laughing or a co-worker bringing me a tea? Essentially, the question is, am I awake in this moment to the flow of Love around me?

Here’s how to do a Participation Check: In any given moment I Call in The Light by saying, “Lord, God, send me Your Light!” Then I say the words, “Participation Check” within myself. Next I simply allow mySelf to be reattuned and refocused. The last is an important step. Be sure to give it to yourSelf fully.

What I’ve noticed is that just the act of doing a Participation Check elevates my sightlines and I immediately see the world with greater gratitude and feel the warm light of thankfulness flow inside of me. Through this sweet little parcel of the Participation Check I don’t have to strive to redirect my focus, nor do I struggle and judge where my focus was previously. I just Allow mySelf to be reFocused. It really is that simple.

I Learned the fine art form of the Participation Check from my Meditation Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane. Dr. Lane is the most insightful, patient and kind human I have ever met and His Guidance comes in forthright words that offer me experiential understanding of what is said. One of the many things Dr. Lane has Taught me about is participating in my life fully through this masterful yet straightforward Tool.

This experience-changing Tool has brought day-to-day, moment-to-moment life into vibrant Technicolor and given me the keys to choose a fulfilling existence that becomes so just by virtue of my inner focus. This means that things on the outside don’t have to change for me to be in Joy. All situations can stay as they are but when I do a Participation Check, poof, I’m feeling more groovy, willing to help others, have the flow of Love pulsing through my veins and just generally have a pep in my step.

This sounds as good as any pill I could possibly take, right? Well, the amazing and powerful thing about this is that through this Tool and Others Dr. Lane is Teaching us to work with the Power of the Soul within us. So when we are doing this Participation Check, what we are really doing is unharnessing the pure potential of our Soul’s Love within us. We are aligning our will with God’s Will, Which is to be happy, healthy and wise. This is what Dr. Lane Teaches. So, yes, it is as amazing as it sounds and, yes, it is a simple as it reads.

What makes it truly magnificent and Powerful is your Choice. You have to Choose to give this to yourSelf. It won’t just happen for you – even if you read this Blog article. You have to take the Learning and apply It. You have to actually do the Participation Check – day in and day out! You have to Love yourSelf enough to be generous and kind with yourSelf by giving this to yourSelf.

And this is what I wish for you, dear reader. Starting now!

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