In the 2017 Book, A Baker’s Dozen: Tools For Daily Living, by Cosmos Tree, Inc. Founder and Director Dr. Roger B. Lane, a crucial section reads:

“And I watch people do their funny little stuff with money: ‘There’s not enough; let me hold on! Let me see if I have enough for lunch! If I have enough for dinner!’ Oh! And they’re holding on and they’re tight and they’re tight and they’re tight. And they’re contracted. And at the same time they expect God to help them out. But if you’re contracted how can He? You haven’t made yourSelf ‘big’ enough for the Spirit you are. So Giving has a lot to do with being ‘big’ enough to Allow the Spirit inside of you to be because that’s pretty ‘big.’”

I discovered from reading this section that I was “doing funny little stuff with money”. Do I have enough for the $13.99 organic rotisserie chicken or should I buy the less expensive $8.99 one with the antibiotics in it? Do I have enough for the $8.50 headband? Do I have enough for the $31 blow dry or “should” I go with the $25 one in the salon where I choke on the fumes?

As Dr. Lane has explained to me: Spiritual Economics works in the exact opposite way from what most of us “think.” As one Student shared at the end of one of Dr. Lane’s Monthly Talks: when he felt “tight” he went right out and bought himself something!

Let me give you some examples:

For a while now, I have wanted to purchase software, which costs $3085, for my business. I had purchased this same software a few years ago and ended up defaulting on the payment plan I had with the company.

This time around, I Knew the Source of Supply is the Spirit in me, not my wallet or clients. So I exercised my Power of Choice to give this to mySelf inwardly. Then I asked the Lord, God to send me client(s) to sign up for new services that involve using this software like this: “For the Highest Good Lord, God, please send me client(s) now for [description of new services]!” Right away, a client came along who paid me almost to the penny what I needed to pay off what I owed the company and to sign up for and activate the service. This time I Knew inwardly the funds were there.

Then I added an additional feature for another $1000; and I asked the Lord, God to replace the money like this: “For the Highest Good Lord, God, please replace the $4000 I spent on this new service now!” Before the last few words left my mouth, I “saw” the money replaced.

Then I saw something else: that this software-based service has the potential to be lucrative. I was really surprised at how well it worked. Then a client signed up for services for which they paid so much money that I am now able to pay off debts to all the people to whom I owe money.

This is the “Inner Expansion” for Which I am Responsible. By “Inner Expansion” I am referring to the Inner Experience of Giving to mySelf. As Dr. Lane explained to me, it is only “Inner Expansion” if I Allow mySelf to be Lifted into the Knowing and the Experience of the Oneness with Spirit.

And that headband for $8.50 – I intentionally bought it for mySelf to Allow this Inner Expansion even though there was a part of my consciousness (the lower self) that didn’t want to do that/wanted to come from lack and a part of me that, until that time, was “agreeing with it”; and when I reached the register the price was 54 cents. As Dr. Lane Teaches in The Money Workbook, when we give ourSelves things that “strain” us to buy, they often end up costing next to nothing.

Ultimately, though, there is only One Point to all this. And that is that there is only Real Inner Giving and That is Giving mySelf the Spirit I am by being Present. To help you with this, please read Tools For Living Free #87.  From There, All Flows, including all of the above. As Dr. Lane Teaches, prosperity follows Abundance, Which is Placing my Consciousness at God, at Spirit.

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