Tools For Living Free are FREE two-sided publications combining valuable excerpts from the Enlightening Monthly Talks given by Cosmos Tree Founder/Director Dr. Lane together with short exercises that you can do during the day to help you be present; live more Joyously and Peacefully; and, most importantly, focus into the Spirit you are and know that doing that is the Purpose of this life you’ve been given.

One way I like to use the available Tools For Living Free is to choose One for the week and “work” It – which means reading It throughout the week, doing the exercises, and exploring how what is being said in the Tool is applicable to my life.

This past week I “worked” TFLF #131 “Do Nothing. Do No Thing.” In it, Dr. Lane talks about being Responsible for the Spirit that you are and that the only “thing” that you need to do is, “do nothing; just place yourSelf where the Spirit is, place yourSelf inside of yourSelf, … let yourSelf be led and do nothing!”

What exactly does that mean? How can you use that in your life? Here are some examples of how I “worked” “doing nothing”…

1. When my daughter became ill and would not take her medicine I first became angry and allowed myself to feel inadequate as a parent but then I stopped, read Tool #131 and chose to surrender that negativity. I placed my daughter into the Light Of The Most High and asked the Lord, God to fill her with the Healing Light Of The Most High.

2. When my husband and I talked about a potential move across country and I began to feel anxious about a change in our life I stopped, read Tool #131 and then surrendered any anxiety I had. I put the move into the Light Of The Most High – trusting that the Lord, God provides the perfect timing and situation for us.

The Tools For Living Free as well as all the Offerings and Resources provided by Cosmos Tree  assist me in living my life from a place of neutrality and gratitude.

For an in-person experience of the Teachings brought forth by Dr. Lane and a hands-on introduction to the many Tools/Resources, please visit the New York Cosmos Tree Center at 177 East 87th Street – Suite #204 (between Lexington and Third Aves.)! The Tools For Living Free, which are very instrumental in my life and in many others, are created from the live Monthly Talks (Satsang/Spiritual Instruction) that Dr. Lane gives on the first Wednesday of every month at the NY Center. For more information on how to attend please visit our Monthly Talks page!

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