“How do I become more Spiritual?” you ask?

A search of this question online brings up over 165 million results. If I were to make a bet less than 1% of those links point to the Truth.

The answer, in short, is you Allow yourself to be more yourSelf.

Yes. Simply by being yourSelf. That’s Self with a capital “S”, Which refers to that part of us That is Eternal. Divine. The Spirit we are.

In fact each human on the planet, whether s/he identifies as Christian, atheist, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, agnostic, etc…. is inherently Spiritual. According to Cosmos Tree Founder/Director Dr. Roger B. Lane within the word “human” itself we find the Source of our Divinity referenced. “Hu” is an ancient name of the Lord, God and is the First Manifestation of God. We are God-man.

To be Spiritual is to choose into the state of actively Remembering and Living as your True Self. When we come from our True Self we Know we are Supplied, we experience the Peace that is Present within us and we live Free.

Being Spiritual has nothing to do with what you do “out there”. Performing rituals, using crystals and reading self-help books may point you to your True Power yet working with them will not make you “more Spiritual”. No amount of lighting candles or burning incense will ever make you more of what you already are.

Nor does consuming meals with or without animal products have you be more of what you already are. And… I have to break it to you… did you know there is at least one Spiritual Master on the planet right now that eats beef? Yes, really!

Please note that this is not a judgment of any religion’s practices or beliefs about what to consume or how to worship. The discipline and devotion it takes to practice religious tenets is something that is appreciated and, as Dr. Lane has said, is necessary Training for The Soul. The reality is that there’s nothing we have to do “out there” to become more Spiritual.

“Becoming more Spiritual” then is a misnomer. A better question is to ask: How do I Remember that I am already That Which I seek? At Cosmos Tree, Inc. there are hundreds of Resources to assist you in doing just That. From the essential Meditation Of The Light Of The Most High  to over 130 downloadable Tools For Living Free on the cosmostree.org website, the Opportunities to give yourSelf yourSelf are endless!

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