The Teaching, “You are Worthy,” brought forward by the Director of Cosmos Tree and The Center For Religion And Advanced Spiritual Studies (CRASS) and my Spiritual Teacher, Dr. Lane, has been with me recently. When I was at the yearly Initiates’ RETREAT a few months ago, I understood that a negative pattern of mine to not “speak up” (physically – when something felt important for me to say) was a pattern I had allowed because I was not recognizing my Worth.

Again, the other day, I felt fear and judgement come up around a choice to not create boundaries or speak up for myself regarding Service. What immediately came to me is, “You are Worthy.” I saw how in my being of Service to others, I have – up until now – often disregarded mySelf by thinking others “knew better”. As such, I have often ignored my preferences and gone with what other people have asked of me.

Service (meaning the Service I do for Cosmos Tree and CRASS non-profit organizations and the volunteer work I do for community, family, friends, etc.) is an extremely important part of my life as it affords many Opportunities for me to Lift and Grow. But I do a dis-service to mySelf when I don’t INCLUDE mySelf in that Service. To “include” mySelf means to give mySelf the same respect, time, energy, and Love that I give to others.

I turned to the Tool, “You Are Worthy,” #74 of the Tools For Living Free Educational Series available on the Cosmos Tree website to understand more of how I can be of Service to mySelf and know my Worth. In It, Dr. Lane talks about how knowing one’s Worth doesn’t take big, complicated gestures or actions. Rather it is the small, moment-to-moment, choices to practice Love, Compassion, and Neutrality that make the difference. Dr. Lane states, “You need to know that the Compassion that God has for us is how we need to treat ourSelves…we have to have that Compassion and Caring for ourSelves.”

For me, having Compassion for mySelf includes listening to my Inner Knowing, communicating clearly what works for me/what my preferences are, and doing Self-Talk when I feel like others aren’t “happy” with what I’ve put out. An example of Self-Tallk is, “Basics, come present! We are Loved and Worthy of Love. I need you to stay with your preference (what was put out). Thank you for your Loving Cooperation!”

Inwardly moving from a “place” of fear and judgement to a “place” of Worthiness and Love is, for me, an amazing, powerful, joyful experience – like being wrapped up in a big warm hug. All it took for that experience was a small step in a different direction. As Dr. Lane notes, “It is a nice circle: making these [small] choices helps you to know you ARE Worthy and Knowing That helps you make those choices.”

I am Worthy and I CHOOSE to Know THAT!

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