During a recent Meditation RETREAT my Beloved Meditation Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane, said that giggling is a sign of Spiritual Well-Being and relief.  This was in reference to a Student who had Surrendered negativity, which clothes the Soul in karmic sheathes.  She did so in Our Teacher’s presence by doing a Two-Part Release Process.* Immediately after having done so she erupted into giggling and our Beloved Teacher explained that laughter is a sign of Freedom and Well-Being from the Soul Level.

I thought about this many times since then because I laugh often and intentionally.

Light-heartedness is a sign of less attachments.  The more I can accept things as they are the more I don’t need things to be “my way” or a certain way.  Acceptance, as our Beloved Meditation Teacher Teaches, is the first Law of Spirit.  If I Accept things as they are and am 100% in the present moment, allowing the Flow of Love inside of me.  It is at this Point of Power – meaning the location inside mySelf of Being Present and in Acceptance – that I know that everything is okay.  Even if I don’t prefer the outer circumstances, I know that it’s all alright. 

This Way of Being is natural and Self-Fulfilling in the sense that my Focus feeds my attitude, which feeds my life circumstances and back again.  The steadier my Focus on Spirit, the higher the Vibration that follows the circle and the higher the Vibration the more steady the Focus.  I Allow mySelf to be Sourced and inherently taken care of by being Present.  From this place, I Know all my needs are handled and I am filled with the experiential Knowing of Peace, Joy, and Gratitude.  I rest in the Knowing that all is “good in the hood”.  From this place of security and Peacefulness I know that I am safe.  Here nothing feels like a big deal and I can find the HUmor in it all.  I laugh easy and often.  The little peculiarities of mundane life and ironies all amount to an easy breezy laugh.  Even my own shortcomings and mistakes are taken with such a grain of salt and self-acceptance that I can laugh.  For who better to name a spade than a spade!  It’s good to keep it humble and light; done so by Allowing the Flow of Love and Light. 

My Beloved Meditation Teacher, the King of Spiritual Knowledge and Love, has Taught His Students that “HU,” which is the preface of the word “humor,” comes from the Sanskrit word for the first name of God as It Manifests.  “HU.”  Hence, HUmor, according to this breakdown inherently has God in His first Manifestation on the physical plane in it.  So HUmor inherently holds God within.  This is akin to the word Human, Which, as My Teacher Teaches, has God in It.  Therefore, we are God-man.  And when we are laughing we are God-more. 

Another Gift Our Beloved Teacher Gives His Students is The Teaching, “Laugh and be Happy as Your Father in Heaven is.”  Laughter, Joy and HUmor are Qualities of living in Peace and Joy and God Consciousness.  I Allow all to be and be with all.  I am in Acceptance and am thankful for everything I have.  It may not be exactly what I want but it’s good for now.  It’s enough for today. And from that place, I Co-Create with God using the powerful Tool of Gratitude.  I am moving into having more, should I want it, and am Grateful for all I do have.  I’m Free and Full of God.  Easing on down the road.  “Less Toil” Our Beloved Teacher Teaches, which means, “do life” with less work and with Spirit as my Partner because Spirit is my Foucus.  I still may handle all the same items of business but my consciousness is at God, at Freedom.  Thus, effervescence and incandescence wells up inside of me and comes out in a Joyful way of being in the world.  “In the world but not of the world,” My Beloved Teacher Teaches.

It’s worth marking a distinction that there is a difference between the lively uprising of giggles within and insecure laughter at the expense of others and self.  The later is really a way of bringing judgments to the surface and exacerbating them.  The former may be poking fun at the same quality within yourSelf but it’s from a place of Surrendering and sharing.  It comes from a place of deep Acceptance, Acceptance, Acceptance.  Surrendering and Sourcing.  Going to God, Being with God, Coming from God.  That’s how we giggle.  It’s a High Vibe thing. 

You see, it’s really about where we come from within ourSelves.  When we are Present, as Taught by my Meditation Teacher, all is well and all is cool.  The jokes and the Wisdom and the Knowledge come freely, move freely and represent an out-picturing of Our Inner Freedom.  That which we Focus on we become.  The qualities of God, including HUmor, become our natural expression because God lives in us as the Soul in us.  When we are Attuned to the Jolly Giant inside of us, the huge Soul That is our True Essence, we are living life for Its truest Purpose and as Love.  The Soul is just waiting, inside of each of us, to be Awakened.

If you are interested in waking up to the Soul within, Laughing and Being Happy as Your Father in Heaven is then request Initiation into The Sound Current by contacting My Beloved Meditation Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane, through the website www.cosmostree.org or www.spiritcentral.org.

*A Two-Part Release Process is done with the following steps:

  • Call in the Light Of The Most High by saying, “For the Highest Good, Lord, God, send me Your Light!”
  • Now, ask the Lord, God, for the Highest Good, to take any negativity that separates you from the Spirit that you are.
  • Tell yourSelf, “(your name), it’s OK to let it go!”
  • Choose to give up the negativity no matter what! That’s the Joy!

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