Recently, I was faced with a “difficult” choice. I learned through using the Tools available to me from Cosmos Tree and its Founder, Dr. Roger B. Lane, that I exercise my power by choosing. Really, we all have power. I’d like to share why the choice seemed “difficult” and what it meant for me to take control of the situation and be in my power.

This particular choice involved whether or not my husband should accept the offer of an out-of-state job. Though this is a rather mundane situation, the choice to accept or decline seemed almost monumental to me. Why? Because of my THOUGHTS. I had very many! “What if this were to happen?” “What if that were to happen?” “How much would this cost?” “How would life be in said town?” “How would it affect me, the kids, extended family, husband’s career?” On and on and on.

Reading Tools For Living Free #95 “The Point Of Power” helped clear my “mind-muck”. In it, Dr. Lane says,
“We have choice and we have power because we are not our thoughts. So if we’re not our thoughts then guess what? We don’t have to feed that stuff. We don’t have to keep going around in the same circles.”

I stopped “feeding” the thoughts by calling in the Light Of The Most High like this, “Lord, God send me Your Light!” And then had the fear released by saying inwardly the Two-Part Release Technique taught by Dr. Lane, “Lord, God, for the Highest Good, please take from me all the fear and thoughts I have around this situation!” I then told mySelf to, “(my name) let it all go!”

My next step was to get quiet and turn inward to really “hear” what was the answer to this choice. When I did that, the answer was clear, but left uncertainty in my life because I didn’t know what was going to happen next after the decision was made.

In the same Tools For Living Free #95, Dr. Lane says,
“…That option and that Point of Power and that Point of Choice is the Spirit inside us even if we choose not to participate in the negative thought and the negative feeling. That’s powerful stuff! We may not know what comes after that. We may have to live in uncertainty… But you need to have the strength and the inner conviction and the Inner Strength to hold to that it’s okay not to know, but you’ve made a choice.”

With that, I chose to remain courageous, even while facing uncertainty. My husband (and I) chose not to accept the position. We are setting our Focus in a different direction. We are not sure how we will get there or what our life will look like in the next year, five years, ten years, but that is OK.

And when fear or doubt surfaced even after the decision was made, “was that the right thing to do???”, I exercised my power by using the Tools and Resources available through Cosmos Tree. I read Tools For Living Free. I practiced Meditation Of The Light Of The Most High. I did the Two-Part Release Technique again. I came from the Place of Spirit – where I know my thoughts, my emotions, my fears are not real and I have the power to choose into Spirit!

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