Tools For Living Free are just that – Tools that help you live Freely by learning to focus into the Spirit you are; to co-create with Spirit; and to let go of what separates you from the Spirit you are (the negativity).

According to The Teachings brought forward by Cosmos Tree Founder and Director Roger B. Lane, Ph.D., we are already Free but we’ve chosen away from the Spirit we are and have created separation. As the many who “work” these Tools know, “stuff” comes up (hurt, pain, sadness, anger, negativity all) and these powerful two-sided educational publications help you learn to release it the moment it comes up. After all, that negativity that we choose to create is the separation between us and the Spirit we are – and between us and living Freely, joyously and peacefully.

Under the generous direction of Dr. Lane, there is a complete Library of these Valuable Tools on the Cosmos Tree web site. There are over 140 of Them, all free of charge, with a new one introduced with each bimonthly Newsletter.

Each One focuses on a different topic, ranging from “Acceptance: All That We Are” to “Self-Acceptance” to “Using The Tool Of Gratitude” to “The Antidote To Fear” to “You Are Worthy” to “Being Present In The Moment”. These are among the most popular.

The many Tools “followers” who read Them – and the numbers grow daily – opt to do so in a range of ways. There are those who go online, quietly and privately, when “something comes up for them”; for instance, studying for an exam and suddenly “feeling stressed” or having a “problem” with a family member or “difficulty” business-wise.

Still others prefer the one-on-one attention of a skilled Cosmos Tree representative that comes with visiting the New York Home Center or a Regional Center. These attendees often request that this representative “tailor a Tool”; for example, this representative often recommends “Family ‘Problems’: Why, What And How” for family-related “issues” or “Worry! Then Use Worry To Lift” for work- or home- or school-related situations where the individual needs to learn to let go of negativity; or “Dealing with ‘Death’” for those requesting help after the loss of a loved one or caring for someone in hospice who is transitioning. This Tool provides a wonderful Opportunity to Learn that we are Eternal and that there is no such thing as death. No such thing.

Each Tools For Living Free is based on a Talk given monthly by Dr. Lane [link to schedule] These Talks are given on the first Wednesday of every month and are available both in-person at the New York City Home Center (recommended)  and via teleconference from around the country and in Mexico.

Each Tool includes excerpts from these Enlightening Talks, including a very Spirited question-and-answer section and a Step-by-Step exercise that can be done any time negativity comes up and/or when you simply want to be in the Joy of your own Growth and Upliftment. Most Tools also feature  “Try This”, another powerful 1-2-3 exercise that helps you live Freely – all in a few moments’ “time.” Study the Tools, as we say at Cosmos Tree, and you’ll soon learn that by reading Them you are really giving to yourSelf as the Spirit you are; and you are Learning to live in that Truth.

The Tools are also available in Spanish and are very popular in translation at the highly successful Visiting Meditations that Cosmos Tree hosts, notably at old-age homes.

Finally, there are the oft-asked queries from “beginners” – “what do you suggest I read to begin with?” The best recommendation is also the most popular – a “package” of three that is indeed numbered #1 (Using the Tool Of Choice”; #2 (“The Power Of Letting Go”); and #3, once again “Acceptance: All That We Are.” As Dr. Lane has explained in The Money Workbook, another powerful Tool available at Cosmos Tree Centers, “Acceptance is the first law of getting along in the world.”

Please do help yourself to live Freely as you Truly are by clicking on the above links, beginning with a subscription to the Cosmos Tree Newsletter! That way, you’ll have a Tools For Living Free delivered to your door or inbox bimonthly. I suggest that you treat this Tool with the reverence it deserves by putting it in a plastic cover and sliding It into a looseleaf notebook. Many participants at one highly successful, always packed Visiting Meditation keep their own such libraries.

Know this: If you live by Tools For Living Free, you have a roadmap for life as it is meant to be lived, which is FREEly.

And if you need a place to start, start with TFLF #40 – “How To Run A Business (Your Life) Spiritually”.

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