The Light Of The Most High.


What is It and why is It important?


It is the Frequency of the Lord, God Himself traveling along the negative polarity present in the dual worlds, of which earth is the most negatively charged.

Calling in the Light of the Most High is what’s required to bring one’s Focus inwardly in every situation.


When fear surfaces.

When change is unfolding.

When uncertainty looms.


Before a promising job interview.

Before a conversation you’ve been avoiding.

Before a race or competition.


To bring oneself Present.

To ask for a Clearing.

To put ourSelves on notice that we’re moving forward.


There are infinite situations and Opportunities where bringing oneSelf Present and aligning with the Light of the Most High serves not only the one asking but all those involved with a situation.


It’s our Responsibility to attune to The Light of the Most High as often as necessary – on a moment-to-moment basis, even.


Calling in the Light of the Most High is important to do before any inner work we do such as: Self-Forgiveness; Introjection; Positive Co-Creation; Positive Self-Talk; the Two-Part Release Process; before beginning Meditation; as well as before any outer actions we take. (Stay tuned for future blog posts on these Topics!)


It’s something that may need to be done hundreds, if not thousands of times; anytime we require ourSelves to be put on notice that the Light of the Most High is at work.


The simple phrase we can use to call in the Light of the Most High that goes like this: “Lord, God, for the Highest Good, send me your Light.”


Depending on the course of action, whether inner or outer, one would then follow calling It in with a Two-Part Release process (see below); a prayer; etc.


Calling in the Light Of The Most High also works well when fear, doubt, worry, lack or limitation surfaces around situations where others are involved. Asking the Light Of The Most High to Bless a situation and all involved with it is one of the most Powerful things we can do! This can be done inwardly within oneSelf or together out loud as a group.


Let’s end with simple yet profoundly powerful Two-Part Release Process: “Lord, God, for the Highest Good, send me your Light. Thank you. Please take from me anything I’ve allowed to separate me from living powerfully as the Spirit I AM.” The second simple step is to then say to yourSelf: “(your name), it’s ok to let it go.”


Allow the Light of the Most High to work on your behalf and Receive the Gift Its (and your) Presence brings!


As Cosmos Tree, Inc. Founder/Director Dr. Roger B. Lane says: “it’s as simple as that!”


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