Dr. Lane’s most recent Satsang – the March 2020 Talk (MP3 A271 on cosmostree.org) – was rare in that It was “A Rare Question-And-Answer Satsang” by Title. While the questions were excellent one about the coronavirus, now spreading around the world, stands out. In a nutshell, the questioner asked how much are we protected and how much is personal responsibility?

And while the question referred to Initiates Of The Sound Current, of Which I am One, my preference is to share my experience over the last couple of days based on this Talk as these Instructions I believe are relevant to all Souls.

Dr. Lane stated, “It’s Our Responsibility to do whatever we need to do … Take basic precautions in terms of how you wash your hands … or exposing yourSelf, that sort of stuff. …”

 “And also, it’s very important since you do have access to the Light Of The Most High to put it into the Light and ask for a Clearing and Pray in a sincere way. …  But also take Responsibility for this thing called mankind by putting it in the Light! … and asking that it be handled differently. Prayer is extremely, extremely strong. … Make sure you’re working it empathetically, which means … there’s God in this Being, this Being can handle it. …”

If you have not yet chosen to take Initiation Into The Sound Current, you can nevertheless work with the Light Of The Most High as follows: Call in the Light Of The Most High by saying “Lord, God, send me Your Light!” Say inside yourSelf: “For the Highest Good, Lord, God, [fill in your preference(s)].” It is extremely powerful.  

“So if you practice those things on both a micro – and a macro – level that will be enormously helpful. … It’s never the thing itself, it’s always how we respond to it. …”

This is how I’ve responded to this situation since the Talk:

I’ve gone with my Knowing: For example, yesterday I was in a large grocery store and the shelves were nearly empty; so many people had come in and stocked up. There was a part of me that wanted to “go out there” and get all worked up about the situation, etc. Instead I just stayed with My Knowing that there was plenty of food; that I’m Supplied; and I chose to simply look at the food that was indeed available and perhaps try some new things!

And that’s what happened. I noticed that the few items left often happened to be among the most expensive so I just went for it; and I just asked the Lord, God for the Highest Good to replace now whatever money I did spend.

As I was purchasing some lovely looking salmon the man behind the counter started to tell me in an “urgent” manner how I needed to go the store before it opened at 7 am because by 7 the lines would be around the block! I just stayed with purchasing this lovely salmon dressed with ginger and orange. There was food then; there will be food the next time.

The man next to me said he didn’t know how to handle the shopping – go with food he didn’t want or take a chance on showing up and maybe there would be and maybe not. I said quietly that I had chosen to shop. With that he pointed out that the hake – the other fish left – was delicious made with his favorite recipe, which he shared. I purchased the hake.

It actually felt rather Luxurious, like a real treat to mySelf to buy “real food” instead of the usual “stuff” I pick up “on the fly” most days. I felt deepening Gratitude to the Lord, God for this Abundant Supply; for the Opportunity; and for the fact that, even though I was in a grocery store that had been “packed” with people all day (more than one employee told me that), when I was there, other than a handful of others, I had the place to mySelf. Since “tying up my camel” has meant maintaining “social distancing” – something much harder if not “impossible” in a store that is “packed” – I Knew this “extra space” around me was a Blessing. I also Knew from Dr. Lane that what has erroneously been called “social distancing” is actually “physical distancing”.

Many times in the last day or two, I put the situation with the coronavirus into the Light Of The Most High for the Highest Good. I’ve called in the Light Of The Most High like this: “Lord, God send me Your Light!” And I’ve sent the Light ahead of me to Transmute, Lift and Clear any karma, including – ifappropriate – the coronavirus from me and from all Souls for the Highest Good. I’ve sent Healings and Blessings to all those involved with the virus situation in any way. I’ve asked the Lord, God to send me the Healing Light Of The Most High and to please take anything that is not of health. I also put my preference into the Light Of the Most High for the Highest Good that a cure is found now and that everyone around the world work together easily and effortlessly now to help all Souls affected.

Staying in Integrity was important to me, too. For instance, when I was leaving to canvass the neighborhood near the Home Center, I stayed in my Integrity, which was to avoid stopping at the local copy shop to have them copy the flyers I put out because, as a precaution, I didn’t want anyone there to handle them. Yes, stuff came up – did I have time right then to do it another way?? If I print them at home before I leave will they look OK on the white paper I have instead of the usual gorgeous gold? Oh! will doing this run my printer cartridge out so I have to buy a new one right away? That “stuff” didn’t even last a second because I just stayed firmly in Integrity and printed the flyers from home. ‘Lo and behold they were absolutely gorgeous! I had no idea my old printer would automatically print them in color, in a brilliant shade of gold that surpassed the usual ones color-wise!

In the Talk, Dr. Lane spoke to us about our basic selves, the part of us that brings forward our karmic patterns. Basics “go out there”; they love to belong and boy! do they love to “pile on” re: getting all upset, etc. That “stuff” is “basic self stuff!”, as Dr. Lane has often said.

Dr. Lane shared this: “You can see this contagion of … tremendous fear, which is basic self stuff. So you want to, inwardly, be aware of that so that you’re not getting caught on that. It’s easy to feel that magnetic quality and you just go with it.”

I did update my basics as to what was going on in general and asked them to support me in being Present so we’re calm and in Peace and Joy.

As I write this, I am also doing the Two-Part Release Technique – calling in the Light Of The Most High and asking the Lord, God to take any fear from me! I tell mySelf, “(my name) it’s OK to let it go!”

As an Initiate Of The Sound Current have direct access to the Lord, God and the Knowing is direct Knowing. If you have not yet requested the Gift of Initiation Into The Sound Current, you can still ask the Lord, God to take anything that separates you from the Spirit you are!” And tell yourSelf, “(your name) it’s OK to let it go!”

I do encourage you to request Initiation Into The Sound Current because That’s the Way to come to Know ourSelves as Spirit, as Soul and That’s Our Purpose here. This virus is just another Gift for us to use to Lift. As Initiates we Know That. And if we’re smart, we use it!

We also Know, as Dr. Lane explained, that Souls who are infected are simply going through their karma as all of us are and it is here for our Learning. And, yes, as My Teacher said, they can handle it as I can handle mine. My Teacher has so brilliantly explained regarding this virus that one of the “reasons” it is here is for us to Learn to work together, to co-operate.

Today, I picked up the phone to see how someone was doing who had been planning to travel abroad amid what has been a ban on travel from some overseas spots back to the U.S. Up until now, I would likely have “thought” about it but not really “taken the time” to call nor been sincerely caring, which I was.

I was really struck by how much the man in the food store cared about my understanding how to make the hake; and that it was a healthful fish because is wild caught. I don’t cook and he made sure I did understand by repeating it four or five times. It all felt like it was part of what is coming forward with this Opportunity.

And boy! is Caring and direct Knowing easy as is working with the Light Of The Most High! And yes, all of The Teachings as brought forward by Dr. Lane are crucial protections for me. I am being Responsible – responding to the Spirit I am – as Dr. Lane has beautifully explained.

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