What “Emergency”? Living “Circumstance-Free”!

I recently had an emergency in my apartment; and right after the situation was discovered by my housekeeper, I moved out and into a nearby hotel.

Instead of choosing into negativity, I Chose to be Present In The Moment. These words – “Present In The Moment” – are often used as buzzwords, Oh, yeah! Present in the moment.

Present in the Moment, according to The Teachings brought forth by Dr. Roger B. Lane, the Founder and Director of Cosmos Tree, is the moment-to-moment Focus into Spirit, Which is Who and What we are. Through Cosmos Tree, Dr. Lane Generously makes available many Tools to help us strengthen ourSelves as the Spirit we are.

I used many of these “Power Tools” during the emergency. First, as The Teachings Teach us, I used this situation to Lift and Grow by consciously Knowing that it was a Gift from the Lord, God! I didn’t “think” it was some “terrible tragedy” and “why me?”

I worked with my basic selves, the part of me that brings forward my karmic patterns, to be Present like this: “Basics come present! I need your cooperation and energy to be Present now! Thank you and keep up the good work with this!”

I Knew that I was a Powerful Creator and that the “emergency” was an out-picturing of what I had been running inwardly: I was creating the very definition of “emergency” – a “dangerous situation requiring immediate action” – by constantly choosing into negativity. To assist with this, I used the Two-Part Release Technique by inwardly saying, “For the Highest Good, Lord, God, send me Your Light! For the Highest Good, Lord, God, take this negativity from me!” I told mySelf “(my name) it’s OK to let it go!”

I used the situation to create positively – another key Teaching – by working with the Light Of The Most High like this: “For the Highest Good, Lord, God, send me Your Light!” I ask the Lord, God, for the Highest Good for my preference, for the handling of the “emergency” to go easily and effortlessly. I also called in for Open Hour, the Sacred times each week when Dr. Lane offers Spiritual Guidance by phone. Dr. Lane told me, “You are not your circumstances!” It was a wake-up call to re-Focus into Spirit/be Present!

The more I worked the Power Tools, the more I Knew that I was Supplied by Spirit; that I am Blessed to be Given exactly what I need moment-to-moment. Many Tools reinforce this Truth: Dr. Lane’s new book, A Baker’s Dozen: Tools For Daily Living; The Money Workbook by Dr. Lane; Tools For Living Free #61, “Using The Tool Of Gratitude,” to name a few. They are all available by going to cosmostree.org.

Acceptance is another life-altering Teaching apropos of an “emergency.” As Dr. Lane states in #61, Which is excerpted from The Money Workbook:
“The importance of acceptance cannot be stressed enough. It does not mean we have to love it or even like something. It merely means to accept it from a neutral space without judgement. For example, if I am driving along and my car gets hit by another driver, I do not like it but I accept the fact that it did happen. I do not have to think it is because I am really a bad person or I need not have been driving around at that time of the night, anyway. Nor do I deny the fact that it simply happened. I merely take care of what needs to be done regarding my insurance company and getting the car to a shop which does good work. Acceptance is a neutral process, like simply turning a light switch on or off.”

From this Power Tool and others, I am now far more often able to Accept the Love that is here for me.

Finally, I stayed in my Truth no matter the societal “thinking” about the “emergency”, and I had a blast! And I was having it because I chose to take advantage of every Power Tool offered at Cosmos Tree: Class; Meditation Of The Light Of The Most High; The Sunday Program; The Teachings Study Group; Open Hour; Meditation For Health And Well-Being; Tools For Living Free; DVDs; MP3s of Talks; and, most importantly, placing mySelf in the Sacred Presence of Dr. Lane, My Spiritual Teacher.

I strongly suggest you do the same!

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Are You “Doing Funny Little Stuff With Money?” – Learn How Spiritual Economics Really Works!

In the 2017 Book, A Baker’s Dozen: Tools For Daily Living, by Cosmos Tree, Inc. Founder and Director Dr. Roger B. Lane, a crucial section reads:

“And I watch people do their funny little stuff with money: ‘There’s not enough; let me hold on! Let me see if I have enough for lunch! If I have enough for dinner!’ Oh! And they’re holding on and they’re tight and they’re tight and they’re tight. And they’re contracted. And at the same time they expect God to help them out. But if you’re contracted how can He? You haven’t made yourSelf ‘big’ enough for the Spirit you are. So Giving has a lot to do with being ‘big’ enough to Allow the Spirit inside of you to be because that’s pretty ‘big.’”

Need To Get Organized 1-2-3? Go Mindless!

This may shock you but The Teachings that Cosmos Tree Founder and Director Dr. Roger B. Lane brings forward teach us that the product of the mind is negativity and it isn’t real. As Dr. Lane Teaches: the mind loves to be busy; it loves to create problems so that we can then go “out there” and solve them. It wants to be “the Queen of Sheba”; the “King of the Hill.” And it can make a fool out of you if you choose to give your power over and allow the mind to be in charge as you go running around trying to solve all these so-called problems, which don’t really exist and that the mind loves to create.

How To Use Tools For Living Free and all the Free Tools On Cosmos Tree’s Site!

Tools For Living Free are FREE two-sided publications combining valuable excerpts from the Enlightening Monthly Talks given by Cosmos Tree Founder/Director Dr. Lane together with short exercises that you can do during the day to help you be present; live more Joyously and Peacefully; and, most importantly, focus into the Spirit you are and know that doing that is the Purpose of this life you’ve been given.

How To Discipline Lovingly

What is the correct way to discipline a child? Certainly a hot button issue in the parenting world and a question I have often asked myself as a parent of three.

How Do I Become More Spiritual?

“How do I become more Spiritual?” you ask?

A search of this question online brings up over 165 million results. If I were to make a bet less than 1% of those links point to the Truth.

The answer, in short, is you Allow yourself to be more yourSelf.

Yes. Simply by being yourSelf. That’s Self with a capital “S”, Which refers to that part of us That is Eternal. Divine. The Spirit we are.

Be The Best Parent You Can Be By Knowing Your True Role As A Parent!

In the Fall of 2008, I began participating in Cosmos Tree Meditations and studying with Founder and Director, Dr. Roger B. Lane. At the time, I was married but did not have any children. I had no idea how much I did not know about mySelf or about being a parent. Before having children, I was certain that my own experience with my parents and the babysitting jobs I held throughout my life were preparation enough to raise my own. Blessedly for me, by the time I did have children I had a foundation of The Teachings that inform Cosmos Tree, Which every day assist me in being the best parent I can be by Teaching me how to be the Spirit that I am.

Old Love

It is almost embarrassing to fall in love as I approach 40 years of age. We’re grown ups and yet these days our eyes see color more vividly; words from each other’s lips have a deep meaning and impact in our swelling hearts; we lounge with greater gratitude for the moments in repose together and relish in every breath that the other takes. Turns out it was more than a summer romance and being in love can indeed make the most modest of beds feel palatial by virtue of being nestled in each other’s arms. Falling in love makes ordinary sighs, kisses and nuzzles feel like brushes with heaven’s own Aphrodite.

How Do I Let Go Of Stress? … Follow These Instructions!

Before answering the question, how do I let go of stress? let’s answer the question, what is stress? Dr. Lane, the Founder/Director of Cosmos Tree, has often explained that stress is negativity that is “outside of us” that we have chosen to take “inside” of us. So stress is a choice.