How Do I Become More Spiritual?

“How do I become more Spiritual?” you ask?

A search of this question online brings up over 165 million results. If I were to make a bet less than 1% of those links point to the Truth.

The answer, in short, is you Allow yourself to be more yourSelf.

Yes. Simply by being yourSelf. That’s Self with a capital “S”, Which refers to that part of us That is Eternal. Divine. The Spirit we are.

Be The Best Parent You Can Be By Knowing Your True Role As A Parent!

In the Fall of 2008, I began participating in Cosmos Tree Meditations and studying with Founder and Director, Dr. Roger B. Lane. At the time, I was married but did not have any children. I had no idea how much I did not know about mySelf or about being a parent. Before having children, I was certain that my own experience with my parents and the babysitting jobs I held throughout my life were preparation enough to raise my own. Blessedly for me, by the time I did have children I had a foundation of The Teachings that inform Cosmos Tree, Which every day assist me in being the best parent I can be by Teaching me how to be the Spirit that I am.

One Learning I’ve discovered through The Teachings is the true role of a parent. Even now, after studying for almost eight years, it is easy for me to get caught in the illusion that my main purpose as a parent is to forgo mySelf in order to be “of service” to those around me. This is far from the Truth. Dr. Lane says in Tool For Living Free #45 “Using The Tool Of Loving”, “…we tend to think if we’re giving ourselves the time of day we’re being selfish, we’re being egotistical, and it’s just the opposite. We’re being loving … and the best thing we can do for people is take care of our own upset, our own hurt, our own pain…”

Today, Cosmos Tree hosted its Sunday Program. The Program offers two Events by teleconference and I wanted to join both. On Sundays my husband is usually at home to watch the kids while I participate, but this Sunday he wanted to go to the store. I told him I would keep our two daughters during the Event so he could run “stress-free” errands with our son. I thought I was being “helpful”.

In making this choice, I did not give myself the “time of day” and quiet that I really needed to be on the call. I had a hard time listening to the host and was distracted by my girls as they played next to me. After the call, I asked myself if I had really been “helpful” and “of service” to those around me. As you may guess, the answer was “no”. I wasn’t able to give my attention to the girls and took from them the experience of spending time with their father, of whom they see little during the week. I didn’t allow my husband to have the experience of shopping with three little ones, which is not an easy feat but allows lots of Opportunities to practice patience and staying Present – all good things! Finally, I didn’t help myself. I wasn’t fully Present on the call and robbed myself of all the Learning and Growth I could have gained from participating in full.

By the time the second portion of the Program began, my husband was home. I gave him the three children and locked myself in a quiet room in back of the house. I lined up my Consciousness with participating in the Event and I remained Present as the host and other participants shared. It was an Uplifting, rejuvenating, relaxing and fun hour I was able to spend Focused on mySelf. Additionally, I left the call better prepared to manage the energy and chaos the little ones often demonstrate.

Being a devoted wife and mother is really about being devoted to mySelf. To the Spirit that I am. To the God within me. As Dr. Lane says, “… this is key: you can’t love God unless you love yourSelf. And you can’t love yourSelf unless you love God because they’re the Same.” (TFLF #45 “Using The Tool Of Loving)

It is from this place, the place of Loving mySelf and Loving God that I can share that Love with my family and truly be of service to them.

Fellow parents, I Lovingly encourage you to give yourSelf the time of day! Attend a (silent) Meditation at Cosmos Tree for an hour – an entire HOUR – of quiet in which you have the Opportunity to Focus on yourSelf! Come to the guided Meditation For Health And Well-Being, where you have the Opportunity to strengthen and heal all the parts of you that are worn, tired, and stressed from parenting! Or simply visit the Cosmos Tree web site, download one of the many Tools For Living Free Publications, and give yourSelf 10, 15, 30 minutes (go ahead – you deserve it!) to read, Learn, and Grow from the Teachings laid out by Dr. Lane! Use these Tools to Love yourSelf and be the best parent you can be!

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Old Love

It is almost embarrassing to fall in love as I approach 40 years of age. We’re grown ups and yet these days our eyes see color more vividly; words from each other’s lips have a deep meaning and impact in our swelling hearts; we lounge with greater gratitude for the moments in repose together and relish in every breath that the other takes. Turns out it was more than a summer romance and being in love can indeed make the most modest of beds feel palatial by virtue of being nestled in each other’s arms. Falling in love makes ordinary sighs, kisses and nuzzles feel like brushes with heaven’s own Aphrodite.

We’ve both experienced many streams of life already. It almost feels like we should have tapped out a few historic relationships ago and just made peace with the leftovers; that which remained after the winnings were collected and the dealers went home. I’ve thought this deep well of kindness, delight and easy rapport with a man wasn’t in the cards for me. A beautiful home, sure. And being a mother, absolutely. Awesome trips and hot-dates bachelors, why not? But real love for a man whom I am enamoured with and who cherishes me? I had my doubts. In the absence of this dream having not yet coming true, my no plan plan was to simply get on with my robust life and be a muse to myself, amusing myself along the way. Pretty good deal.

Yet the poppy seed-sized wish for romantic love and sweet partnership embedded in the smooth tissue of my heart began to flourish. Slowly, steadily and quite unnoticed, the roots took delicate shape around my body’s biggest involuntary muscle and without an announcement the flowers opened their delicate petals to reveal the bull’s-eye center of a wish granted. And there he was – bringing a smile to my face and a large laugh to my happy belly, hugging my little body close, protecting us with all he thinks and does and all he asks for is me to enjoy the delightful ride. So here we are, as adults, back at square one of child-like wonderment, sophomoric silliness in-love-drunkenness. You can grasp why I say this sweet nectar of adoring love between us is ever so slightly embarrassing.

The interesting piece of this equation is the very je ne sais quoi of why it works. And why now? Why the lover’s puzzle pieces snap their way into interlocking, perfect union this time around, though we’ve both had a hearty spin of Cupid’s wheel in our previous romantic incarnations. I rested in this question and keep circling back to the only answer of worth.

Something about this love is familiar. I’ve tasted it before. And the yearning for that sweetness has led the charted course of my life to exactly this moment, this late night, this revelation and this sweet note. There is more to this story than just the two of us devoted sweethearts in it. There is the One.

That Oneness is the pulse of all Love on the planet. Even just a hint of that manifesting as a micro in our tender relationship is enough to fuel rocket ships and satiate million man marches. The One is the origin of all things. The One is the ceaseless Love that is Spirit alive in the world, inside each of us. Oneness is comprised simply of Love.

The Love is ancient and It is all that there really is, when you burn off the fat of karma and reincarnational patterns. It is most certainly older than my heaven-sent boyfriend and my age combined! Yet our love affair is very deeply steeped in this Love because I, as a student of Dr. Lane’s, am constantly Attuning and re-Attuning to this high Frequency and filling my cup with this Love through the Mediation Of The Light Of The Most High that Dr. Lane Teaches. This flow is within me and from this place I’m involved in a deeply loving relationship; unattached and unabashed to be mySelf. I am Free to fully be Free.

I walk through the world just like everyone else and enjoy the same pleasures only more so because I’m free inside myself to be in the fullness of what is. At each-and-every moment. It is similar to being on vacation yet in my hometown. At home inside myself and with deep, ever-replenishing gratitude, endless Love and no need to even fuss with international exchange rates.

This way of living is free. Regardless of my age, stage or stats because all that matters is the ever-increasing Frequencies of Love inside myself. That’s the real joy – living in the vast, constantly-sourced tide of unfettered adoration within me. From that place I move in the world and I relate to my endearing beau, enjoying our magical mystery tour thoroughly. I relish in the strong current and tender warmth of manna from heaven that lives alive and bright inside of me, as me.

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How do I let go of stress? … Follow These Instructions!

Before answering the question, how do I let go of stress? let’s answer the question, what is stress? Dr. Lane, the Founder/Director of Cosmos Tree, has often explained that stress is negativity that is “outside of us” that we have chosen to take “inside” of us. So stress is a choice.

Dr. Lane also instructs that we are not responsible for what passes through us; we are, however, responsible for what we choose to persist in! Negativity we persist in is a creation by us called karma. As Dr. Lane frequently points out, karma is what separates us from the Spirit we are. Karma is stressful because separation from Spirit is painful!

That “stress” includes karma we create in our lifetimes. We are 100% responsible for all of it. “We are at the effect of it”, as Dr. Lane instructs, whether we know it or not.

We can, however, choose to be Present, which means Focusing into the Spirit we are. As Dr. Lane Teaches, That is our job. If negativity/karma comes up, we have lots of Valuable Tools to use to help you Surrender right away before you have a creation going, all the while keeping that crucial Focus:

Tool #1The Meditation For Health And Well-Being, available in-person and via CD or MP3. As a host of this easy-to-follow Guided Meditation, I can easily tell you that every time I participate, I feel like a great big vacuum cleaner is sweeping through my body, taking negativity from me! What is taken isn’t my business. I Know It’s Grace. I just sit there and Allow It.

This Tool is crucial in another way – the more you “work” It, the more you understand that what we call “disease” is negativity – thoughts, feelings, etc. – that we have chosen to take inside of us and that are now “lodged” there in our bodies. This is how we end up with “disease.” So if you choose or have chosen to hold on to anger, that “anger” may show up as “disease.”

Tool #2The Meditation Of The Light Of The Most High, offered at the main Cosmos Tree Home Center and our Regional Centers. Once you have attended One you are given what you need so you can do It at home! This Meditation host goes to her nearest Center every time It is offered because all I do is attend and negativity just vanishes! I do my part by showing up and following the instructions; the “real work” is the Work of Grace. I also have Opportunities to choose to let go. It’s practice and practice again. I never ever leave “feeling stressed.” It’s impossible if you Allow, as Dr. Lane explains.

The more I Meditate at Cosmos Tree, the more often I feel like negativity falls off me – really is taken from me – before it has a chance to build up.

Tool #3The Two-Part Release Technique. This is a very simple technique that you can do inside yourself in less than a minute as often as you need to, even quietly while you are with someone or doing something, to let go of negativity right away.

Begin by calling in the Light Of The Most High like this: “Lord, God, send me Your Light!” Then ask the Lord, God to take negativity from you like this: “Lord, God for the Highest Good, please take this [fill in what you want taken from you; this writer often says “anything that stands between me and the Spirit I am”; you can also fill in more specifically – i.e., anger or judgements or pressure on yourself or “stress”] from me!” Then tell yourself “(your name) It’s OK to let it go!”

Tool # 4Instructive examples to follow showcased in Cosmos Tree’s popular Tools For Living Free, a life-altering two-sided educational publication comprised of Excerpts from Talks given by Dr. Lane. It is free of charge. A favorite instructive, brilliant in its simplicity, adaptability and effectiveness, is the crucial example given by Dr. Lane in TFLF #139 of Dr. Lane’s wife asking Dr. Lane to take out the garbage. Dr. Lane agrees to do it BUT – and this is important – also chooses to do it from a Loving Heart, without resentment, without anger, without holding onto negativity (read: creating stress!). This is a beautiful example of exercising one’s Power Of Choice, another Key Teaching brought forward by Dr. Lane.

Tool #5Step-by-Step exercises. These easy-to-follow exercises are on page 2 of every single Tools For Living Free, all of which are listed on the website. Give yourself 30 seconds, at most a minute, to release the negativity (again, you can do it quietly inside yourself when alone or even while with someone or doing something) and you’ll have given yourself the Support and the Love that you need.

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