Are You Giving Yourself The Life You Want? A mini-guide.

“GIVE YOURSELF THE LIFE YOU WANT!!!” is printed in big boldface type on the cover of the latest Cosmos Tree brochure. The new Cosmos Tree website, on its Home page, says “LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT!”

As the brochure states, Cosmos Tree “offers Tools you can use – “CDs; MP3s; DVDs; Talks; Open Hours; Classes; Workshops; and Publications … to assist you in transforming your innate potential into concrete reality.

So where to begin?

Why is Cosmos Tree’s Focus on Our Learning Responsibility? And Why is Responsibility so much FUN?

Roger B. Lane, Ph.D., the Founder and Director of Cosmos Tree, teaches Responsibility. It is defined by Dr. Lane as “The ability to respond to the Spirit we are.” That means focusing into Spirit/Being Present by doing just That. And, as this writer has discovered after many years of study with Dr. Lane, Responsibility equals Freedom.

Dr. Lane, through Cosmos Tree, teaches that we are Responsible for our creations. And that creation away from Spirit is karma. This means we are Powerful! We have the Power to create positively by Co-creating with Spirit and by Trusting, Allowing and Receiving, both as taught by Dr. Lane. And from that Place of Spirit living exactly What Dr. Lane teaches, including giving mySelf the life I want; Neutrality; Self-Acceptance; Gratitude; Forgiveness; Loving mySelf and, most important, Knowing I’m Inherently Worthy and re-enforcing That Re-cognition. So “the best thing you can do for anyone,” as Dr. Lane states in a Talk by the same name, is focus into Spirit, live as the Spirit you are.

This writer has discovered that Responsibility is a Learning; and It is One we need to give ourselves NOW. Cosmos Tree, under Dr. Lane, stands out in teaching Responsibility; and in teaching It the way It needs to be taught, which is as an inner focus that is kept moment-to-moment through Eternal Vigilance. That Vigilance is the effort I make to be On Point by keeping my Inner Environment Clear.

I’m in Process on Responsibility. I have Learned It and continue to practice and perfect being Responsible by using the many Responsibility Tools that Cosmos Tree offers, chief among them regular attendance at Meditations Of The Light Of The Most High at the New York City Home Center.

It’s worth a trip, dear readers, to be in the Presence of Dr. Lane! Once you’ve attended One, you are given what you need to practice at home. Meditation as taught by Dr. Lane equals Learning to focus into the Spirit you are.

The Money Workbook is also key as a Tool. Pick It up; turn a page; and Wow! There’s another brilliant Writing by Dr. Lane – a Learning, really – about Responsibility. I recommend “working” this Book as the 30-Day Program that It is at least once, then feel free to read individual sections or Chapters on Responsibility.

I love the following: Early on in the Book, Dr. Lane writes: “If we can create illness, we can create health. If we can create poverty, we can create wealth. If we can create failure, we can create success.” We are that Powerful and that Magnificent and that Responsible for using the Positive Power we are by creating Positively. All of this Learning pours forth fromThe Money Workbook! What more is there, really?

Then there is the equally brilliant Chapter on “Visualization and Programming” – creating the life you want literally by co-creating with Spirit. Dr. Lane writes: “Knowing that we are responsible for the world we live in and that we create it, how can we create it to our advantage and to that of others?”

And again, in a Chapter titled “Who Is Responsible For Our Creations?” Dr. Lane writes: “Knowing that you and only you are responsible for each and every one of your creations, choosing responsibly becomes the only intelligent action.”

Two more beautiful Responsibility Tools are Tools For Living Free Numbers 12 and 13 titled “Taking Responsibility: Tag You’re It”, Parts I and II respectively. Dr. Lane states in #12: “So part of our Responsibility is to give ourselves the best, to love ourselves despite our own feelings and to put them aside and to just allow the Truth and to just receive the Love that’s there.” Dr. Lane continues: “Meditation is a nice way to sit in that Love and nurture It … .”

Dr. Lane teaches many important Classes, all of Them about our Responsibility to know ourselves. None more crucial for newcomers – and regulars, too! – than Everyday Evolution I. And check periodically the Classes page and give This to yourself the next time It is offered. You’ll Learn the importance of educating the part of you that brings forward your karmic patterns to the Clear Flow of Spirit.

So live Responsibility by following Dr. Lane’s Teachings – and by using the many Offerings available at Cosmos Tree. Watch what happens “out there” when you are Responsible “in there”! That’s where the FUN is; where the Joy is; where the Peace is. It’s in your Power as Spirit.

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Need to change a Habit or Habits 1-2-3? Work It Spiritually!

At Cosmos Tree, “learning to change behavior patterns that no longer work for you” is at the core of Its most popular Class. Called Everyday Evolution, the Class is taught by Cosmos Tree Founder/Director Dr. Lane. Dr. Lane has also stated that when individuals come to Dr. Lane for help in their lives, which is often, the remedy frequently comes down to a simple behavioral change.

Here’s a 9-step program to help you do that:

1. Live The Truth. As Dr. Lane explains in the Spiritual Learning Series Understanding The Spirit You Are (Video/DVD #7) and Tools For Living Free (TFLF) #34, if it is your truth that, for example, you need to lose weight or exercise more, you need to stay in your truth.

2. Accept. As Dr. Lane further teaches in The Money Workbook and in TFLF #3, accepting a situation makes it easier to change. That means being neutral.

3. Choose. Dr. Lane teaches that The Power of Choice is the Real Power! Choose to allow a new focus/habit.

4. Put your new focus into the Light Of The Most High For the Highest Good and ask the Lord, God to Bless it like this: “Lord, God, send me Your Light! Lord, God, for the Highest Good please place [fill in – for example, my exercising daily] into Your Light for the Highest Good! And Lord, God please Bless This!” As Dr. Lane states in TFLF #40, follow through on anything that now comes forward. Listen to yourself.

5. Use the Two-Part Release Technique like this: “Lord, God send me Your Light! Lord, God, for the Highest Good please take anything that stands between me and [for example – exercising daily]” Tell yourself “(your name) It’s OK to let it go!”

6. Let Go, Let God! When you work with the Light Of The Most High you need to Allow and Allow some more. That means Let the Lord, God supply you; be Open and Receive! No “chewing” or “thinking” or “figuring it out”!

7. Do Self-talk. In the Everyday Evolution Class, Dr. Lane teaches that there can be no change without working with/educating our basic selves/the lower self that brings forward your karmic patterns (the habitual patterns that keep you going in circles). This Class is a MUST! For now, though, do direct your basic selves like this: “Lord, God, send me Your Light! Basics, come present! I need your cooperation and energy to [fill in – for example, exercise every day now!]. Thank you and keep up the good work with this!” Give them direction continually, for example, each day before you exercise.

8. Focus into the Positive. As Dr. Lane also teaches in Understanding The Spirit You Are, if you are choosing to stop smoking, focus on breathing better, feeling better, etc. instead of on “not smoking”/stopping smoking.” Do the same with your new focus/habit.

9. As Tools For Living Free #40 states, “Use Internal Reference Points.” Just because everyone is telling you that it takes 21 days to change a habit or that you need to change one at a time instead of 10 at a time, doesn’t mean that’s so. As Dr. Lane writes, “Everyone is different; go by your own inner reference points.”

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