When I’m interacting with people I’m baffled by the ironies and duplicities of their attitudes to their loved ones and life situations.  They’ve got a bee in their bonnet about one thing while they’re praising another.  Then they’re praising the other and stinging the former.  It’s like there is no center.  No rule of justice.  And certainly no peace!

It’s just all over the place with complaints and inflations.  I mean that it’s funny to get into the mire of life’s drams.  I’ve been there.  I’ve been at the mercy of all that.  Before I started Meditating and finding my True Identity as Soul I ran many of the same sagas. 

That doesn’t mean that I’m holy and mighty or removed from the world now.  I’m still just as in it as everyone else. Actually more so because I’m not driven by compulsions like others may.  So those telenovelas really stand out to me when I see them playing out.

I may not like everyone but I do, indeed, Love everyone.  My Meditation Teacher, Dr. Roget B. Lane, Teaches that lesson.  So when I hear people going on and on and on with what passes as normal conversation but is a hilarious web of karma and negativity, I can relate on an egoic level.  On the Awakened Level I actually find it very vanilla.  Nothing original.  Imagine that!   These massive, personalized dramas are just standard fare for karma and reincarnation.  When I hear the stories I almost want to poke and prod the storyteller.  Light a match at their ignition.  Kick-start them.  Pour a bucket of water on their sleeping heads. 

What I’d really like to say, “Hey, dreamy, wake up!”  “Hey, smartie, stop and think!” “Hey, perfectionist, get it together!”  “Hey, silly, let loose!”  “Hey, reckless, you’re going wreck to it!“  Hey, anxiety, find something to worry about!”  “Hey, gossip, say something of worth!”  Oxymorons!  That’s because what I see in the world is like a snake chasing its tale.  People just going on and on and on with their melodramas and telenovelas.  It’s an all-consuming but, in fact, boring pursuit. 

They are absolute, bubbles of preoccupation that people form and tend to, blowing bigger and bigger with air.  Just air – made-up up of our energy and our focus and our attention.  Then we let the bubbles burst, leaving a mess everywhere. Our energy splattered and our focus having run in circles.  And isn’t that what the ego does?  It keeps the mind busy with problems that don’t really exist so the consciousness’s attention goes to solving them.   My Meditation Teacher Taught me that, too!

It’s like being duped.  But, funnily enough, we’re duped by ourselves.  

Little bit of Spiritual Reality here:  My Beloved Meditation Teacher also Teaches that our thoughts get projected onto the cosmic mirror, which lies before the Great Void (the cross over to the Soul Realm.)  The cosmic mirror reflects back to us what we think and when it comes back to us it looks to us as though it is total and utter REALITY and not merely creations of our own. 

In my Beloved Meditation Teacher’s book, The Money Workbook, Dr. Roger B. Lane explains, “It is no secret that we are constantly creating.  Some of us create poverty, fear, lack and limitation while others create success, health, wealth and happiness. … Knowing that you and only you are responsible for each and every one of your creations, choosing responsibly becomes the only intelligent action. … This means, quiet simply, that we are responsible for where we choose to place our attention. …”

“To many, this may seem like an abstract and even an abusrd statement.  Our thoughts seems to be “foreign” to us, that is they seem to be outside ourselves, something over which we have no control.  What we are really saying is that we are addicted to the same focal points and until now we do not seem to be able to control this addiction.”

Nothing is further from the Truth.  We are able to control where we place our attention. … You simply choose to do so!

“Gratitude is the key to having and enjoying abundance on all levels; before it, the door to even greater abundance opens.”

Therefore, the focus on the Positive, that which we’re grateful for, creates more of that which we’re grateful for.  Scientifically, Spiritually, that thought of gratitude goes into the cosmic mirror and “reflects” back toward the creator as reality.  So if we choose things and experiences we want, we project them in the cosmic mirror, and get to reap what we sow in our day-to-day life.  Try being grateful!  See how your present moment changes.  See how your world is a kinder place.  Focus on God, not the gripe!  Celebrate the Positive inside yourSelf in your focus and see the magic that unfurls in your life! 

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