From a very young age, I was blessed with tender and hilarious friendships that have enriched my world to such a large degree that life changed course with my gravitational pull shifting to curve itself around these dynamic babes. We shared tandem experiences; shot through our learning curve with a matched ferocity and joie de vivre; embraced exotic lands; enjoyed love’s sweet blossom in our hearts; expanded and expressed our talents in careers that featured our strengths and tested us; entered into motherhood with wide-eyed amazement and love-defining moments that ripened us to our core and celebrated each other along the way with laughing hearts.

From deep in my adolescence through my young adult years, my life continues to be laced with the highest grade of addictive, sweetly sophisticated, hilarious friendships. My 5-hour energy drink is friends with an intrinsic zeal for life and immense devotion for the people they adore. Magnanimous and vivacious, my friends are high-octane fuel, my first-string and my reserve bench, my sounding boards and my landing pads.

I am not self-depreciating by raising my friends onto a pedestal so that I, belly down in the gutter, can look up at them with wide-eyed appreciation and goofy-smiled validation. I am just as much of a significant force as any one of my incredible diva associates. They inspire me profoundly and I can’t help swooning by my proximity to them. Contrary to popular belief, it is not at all lonely at the top. I’m here to report that. It is filled with jaw-dropping, mouth-watering zesty ladies with momentarily inspired body rolls to punctuate jokes; venture-capital securing vixens; mother dove nurturing mommies; and sassy lassies filled with spunk and sound-headed wisdom. The best attracts the best because it is the best. Even though I am that, sometimes I still step back and gaze on it like the moon, milky and curious in the night’s sky, basking in my friends’ bright sunrays and warming my face in their radiant light.

A contributing factor to my devout connoisseur of les amies magnifique is that I am a connector. I relish introducing people to each other and my crush is on the lush moments with my people fall in love with each other. Life is filled to the gills with precious moments and humans of such beautiful quality that I could melt into a puddle on the ground and all that would remain is a pair of high heels. It isn’t that I live in an alternative reality where unicorns and rainbows eclipse the nightly news entirely. I still sit in the same traffic jam that keeps me three blocks away from my house for forty-five minutes. I have moments of insecurity. I see death and illness happening to those around me, those I love, and my heart expands even more. I indeed live on the same planet with the patches of grist and darkness.

It’s just that, like a bat, I see the nightscape in vivid Technicolor studded by insanely beautiful Souls bursting at the seams of the bodies that house them. I fall in love with the God-ness in each of us. My Mediation Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane, taught me that, what makes us humans so radiant is that we are the manifestations of Spirit on the planet. We are Souls. That’s what we really are and that’s what’s really up with our magnificence. Even more so than our surfer girls mad skills as we compete against the boys, our elegant abilities to cook like a whirlwind chef in pinch on Tuesday night, and our loyalty nursing our 15 year-old Chihuahua through a toothache.

The part that animates our laugh-out-loud liveliness is our Soul. The part that intrinsically knows the answers to the questions is our Soul. The part that gives and gives and gives is our Soul. That’s what I see when I look at the world. That’s what is alive and kicking inside of me and what has become my consummate best friend; ever-available, generous, wise, patient, comical, loving, kind. My beloved girl friends would have my back through thick and thin. However, there simply are physical limitations to the sis-ship. After all, they do need to sleep and eat dinner and take care of themselves. We are each bestowed with the great gift of Responsibility to the Soul within, our true best friend.

Inside of me is a ride or die. My forever and ever, eternal Soul. Soul within is always sourcing Itself and giving generously to me. If I receive It, It is also profoundly powerful. When I work with the Light Of The Most High as Taught by Dr. Lane I allow that flow of energy and Love from the Soul within me to operate in my life. That’s the true meaning of education: to bring out from within. Focusing in Mediation brings out indescribable strength, the ability to Co-create things in my life that I want, focusing of my energy and receiving incredible Gifts from the Soul within. Soul is the perfect, eternal source of wisdom and ever-renewing Love. It has me realize that I am already free. In many senses. Frees me from being dependent on others. Frees me from needing outer validation. Frees me from the binds of negativity and feelings and thoughts. Just gives me the full regalia of me and my movement inside of mySelf.

And who is a better friend than one who has much to give, a strong inner compass, generosity by the pound and Love in spades? Everything about my outer world stats – looks, success, abundance, friends, family, travel, laughing loud and long, joie de vivre, my child, my blossoming garden, everything – is a product of the great Blessings of my Soul’s being my real Consciousness.

I have been a seeker. Then I found. The discovery was a well-stocked, overflowing, reserve inside of me is my Soul and it gives no matter what is happening in the 3D domain. I am comprised of something greater than me. We all are, but through being an Initiate of the Sound Current on the Path of Soul Transcendence, I have been awakened to it. I am alive with the quiver of the dynamism within. My worth isn’t based on if you like me, call me, compliment me, find my outfit ravishing or simply tip your hat toward me in midtown. The Awakened Soul inside of me is the most loyal companion I could wish for. I have all things in the world that I wish for because I am satiated with what I have within. My consciousness rests in the fine reserves of pulsing life, my Soul within. This is the Essence of who I really am and the most multi-faceted thing I’ve ever experienced. The spices that the bitch’s brew that I simmer in are warm and inherent in me, our of the finest saffron; sweet shallots kiss the lips of coconut milk to create my silken stock. The favor is the truest of true and the remedy is brewing at home, harkening me with her scent, taking me home, and landing me right inside of me.

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