“Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose,” Janis Joplin crooned from the dust of my 1970’s record collection. I sang along as raspy as much my childhood voice could accommodate, quickly digesting this advice as the embodiment of the theory that the less you have, the less that can be taken away from you. Freedom through this lens appeared as a badge of honor worn by those who stayed light on their feet, lived on the outskirts of all that life has to offer and carved themSelves into the shadow of what they actually wanted for fear they would be attached to it, leveraged by it or lose it. From what I could see it also looked like heavy smoking, motorcycle riding and un-brushed hair.

Now as an adult and devout Meditation Student I know, firsthand, a different definition of Freedom that involves enjoying all this world has to offer and without the crux of trying to offload life’s bounty and blessings for fear of losing them. I also know about having it all without being attached to the things of the world. The key is Neutrality, also known as attachment-free living. Neutrality is not just abstract thought or two-dimensional words we read and then think our way into application.

It is not about thinking at all. The mind, in fact, can’t go to Level of the Soul, nor guide us toward the qualities of It. And Neutrality or detachment, as my Beloved Meditation Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane, Teaches is the Way of the Soul. Through learning Meditation on the Path of Soul Transcendence I’ve had the direct experience of letting go of the attachments that have kept me concerned with losing things, invested in the fear of what people would think of my prosperous life and the fear that I’m simply, at the core of it, just not good enough to have all that I have. Letting go of all those attachments has been one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.

I absolutely love my day-to-day existence. Even in the mundaneness of life I now experience a sparkle or sheen to it that is delightful and makes my heart swell with love. My experiences are rich and I am joyful without even trying, I have pretty much everything that I want. Oftentimes, things are even better than what I want. This is the Hand of Spirit actively alive in my life, in me, as me and I enjoy these things fully and freely because I’m living in Neutrality. I am without the drag of judgments on myself and others and situations. I just see the Light in all things and bounce around this life with a smile on my face. I am easy-breezy. I am happy and calm. I am living life to the fullest. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. The richest part and the treasure I cherish the most is the Peace that Passeth all understanding. This is the calm Inner Knowing that everything is more that okay because of the Gracious Flow of God’s Love inside of me. It is a duet that makes the outer world perfect because my inner world is filled with palpable acceptance, thankfulness and the fulfillment of my heart with the greatest Love imaginable.

It is this Freedom inside of mySelf that sets me free. I live a care-free life in the sense that I do whatever needs to be done with focus and clarity yet I do not worry about the task at hand, whether it be driving through the snow on a dangerous mountain road or dancing at a salsa club with live music for the first time after only doing so in the petri dish of private dance studio lessons. I am living life as a free agent. My mind generally does not wander and when it does, I refocus on the Soul within. Fantasies aren’t part of my reality. Emotional dramatics are just not my style anymore. Who has time or interest in those energy sucks? What I’m really up to is grooving and moving with God inside of me. Dancing in the Light and being the Soul that I am as I enjoy the world fully.

I trust and I know I’m all good and all right. I smile at strangers, love and feel a very strong affinity for children and give generously because I live in the overflow of Love and an outcropping of that is giving. I have a gorgeous home. I have a beautiful relationship with my sweetheart and my child and step-children. I have money in the bank and some nice investments that are growing. I am incredibly healthy and have a body that can do all that I want it to. I cook like a champ and have a phenomenal time being a domestic goddess. I travel at least every quarter, get fun nights out with my radical girlfriends and have an abundance of love. My heart swells with love.

I am very thankful. That’s all I want to say. Thank you. And I say this arbitrarily to the world because I know no one in particular is watching. The only Ones truly bearing witness is the Soul within me and my Beloved Meditation Teacher, as His Consciousness is at-One-ment with God Himself. My life has become an unobserved, beautiful dance that moves me in concert with my Soul and is anchored in Love and Joy. And for the Love of God living in our hearts. That truly is everything.

To learn more and experience this for yourself, attend a Meditation Of The Light Of The Most High at the Cosmos Tree Home Center or one of the Regional Centers. Find details at the CosmosTree.org website’s page entitled, “Meditations,” for locations and times. EnJoy this sacred ride and exquisite life of living as the Soul you are each-and-every moment by turning within yourSelf and bringing out the best in you.

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