Our Open Retreat provides a nice, safe way for beginners and the advanced to expose themselves to That Which They Really Are: Spirit.

Workshops and exercises are designed to assist individuals in coming to know themselves as Spirit; to take Responsibility and ownership of their lives; to harness their Power as a Soul; to discover Purpose in their lives; to realize their beauty and majesty as well as that of Hu-mankind and to truly Know Inner Peace.

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“I love the Retreats and Workshops with Dr. Lane! Since I discovered Them, rarely do I miss One. I receive a great deal from the intensive, yet personal Learning Environment and am internally refreshed and rejuvenated afterwards. I often experience an overall sense of well-being plus a joy about the ‘new’ life I’m embarking upon when leaving the Retreats and Workshops, even though my ‘old’ life was just a day or two before when the Retreat or Workshop commenced.”

R.H California

“I am so thankful to be able to participate in Classes, Seminars, and all that the Cosmos Tree has to offer as my life is so much happier. And to Grow in Consciousness brings Joy and freedom to be in this world!”

C.F Nevada

Past Workshops and Retreats include:

  • Commitment On The Path Of Soul Transcendence: How? What? Why? – 2013
  • The Money Workshop -2012
  • How To Live Royally As The Spirit You Are2012
  • Positive Creation -2011
  • Seeing The Face Of The Lord, God2011
  • Living In Grace -2009
  • Accepting The Truth -2008
  • Living Spiritually In Today’s World -2005
  • Putting God First -2005
  • Living Inside Out -2004
  • Tools For Awakening To Spirit: From Reincarnation To Coronation –2004
  • The Teachings: Application, Recapitulation, Appreciation -2003
  • Momentous Spirit: Spirit In Each Moment, Each Moment In Spirit-2001
  • Being Present: Opening The Present Of The Presence Of God –2000