Are You Giving Yourself The Life You Want? A mini-guide.

“GIVE YOURSELF THE LIFE YOU WANT!!!” is printed in big boldface type on the cover of the latest Cosmos Tree brochure. The new Cosmos Tree website, on its Home page, says “LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT!”

As the brochure states, Cosmos Tree “offers Tools you can use – “CDs; MP3s; DVDs; Talks; Open Hours; Classes; Workshops; and Publications … to assist you in transforming your innate potential into concrete reality.

So where to begin?

Need to change a Habit or Habits 1-2-3? Work It Spiritually!

At Cosmos Tree, “learning to change behavior patterns that no longer work for you” is at the core of Its most popular Class. Called Everyday Evolution, the Class is taught by Cosmos Tree Founder/Director Dr. Lane. Dr. Lane has also stated that when individuals come to Dr. Lane for help in their lives, which is often, the remedy frequently comes down to a simple behavioral change.

Here’s a 9-step program to help you do that:

1. Live The Truth. As Dr. Lane explains in the Spiritual Learning Series Understanding The Spirit You Are (Video/DVD #7) and Tools For Living Free (TFLF) #34, if it is your truth that, for example, you need to lose weight or exercise more, you need to stay in your truth.

2. Accept. As Dr. Lane further teaches in The Money Workbook and in TFLF #3, accepting a situation makes it easier to change. That means being neutral.

3. Choose. Dr. Lane teaches that The Power of Choice is the Real Power! Choose to allow a new focus/habit.

4. Put your new focus into the Light Of The Most High For the Highest Good and ask the Lord, God to Bless it like this: “Lord, God, send me Your Light! Lord, God, for the Highest Good please place [fill in – for example, my exercising daily] into Your Light for the Highest Good! And Lord, God please Bless This!” As Dr. Lane states in TFLF #40, follow through on anything that now comes forward. Listen to yourself.

5. Use the Two-Part Release Technique like this: “Lord, God send me Your Light! Lord, God, for the Highest Good please take anything that stands between me and [for example – exercising daily]” Tell yourself “(your name) It’s OK to let it go!”

6. Let Go, Let God! When you work with the Light Of The Most High you need to Allow and Allow some more. That means Let the Lord, God supply you; be Open and Receive! No “chewing” or “thinking” or “figuring it out”!

7. Do Self-talk. In the Everyday Evolution Class, Dr. Lane teaches that there can be no change without working with/educating our basic selves/the lower self that brings forward your karmic patterns (the habitual patterns that keep you going in circles). This Class is a MUST! For now, though, do direct your basic selves like this: “Lord, God, send me Your Light! Basics, come present! I need your cooperation and energy to [fill in – for example, exercise every day now!]. Thank you and keep up the good work with this!” Give them direction continually, for example, each day before you exercise.

8. Focus into the Positive. As Dr. Lane also teaches in Understanding The Spirit You Are, if you are choosing to stop smoking, focus on breathing better, feeling better, etc. instead of on “not smoking”/stopping smoking.” Do the same with your new focus/habit.

9. As Tools For Living Free #40 states, “Use Internal Reference Points.” Just because everyone is telling you that it takes 21 days to change a habit or that you need to change one at a time instead of 10 at a time, doesn’t mean that’s so. As Dr. Lane writes, “Everyone is different; go by your own inner reference points.”

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How do I let go of stress? … Follow These Instructions!

Before answering the question, how do I let go of stress? let’s answer the question, what is stress? Dr. Lane, the Founder/Director of Cosmos Tree, has often explained that stress is negativity that is “outside of us” that we have chosen to take “inside” of us. So stress is a choice.

Dr. Lane also instructs that we are not responsible for what passes through us; we are, however, responsible for what we choose to persist in! Negativity we persist in is a creation by us called karma. As Dr. Lane frequently points out, karma is what separates us from the Spirit we are. Karma is stressful because separation from Spirit is painful!

That “stress” includes karma we create in our lifetimes. We are 100% responsible for all of it. “We are at the effect of it”, as Dr. Lane instructs, whether we know it or not.

We can, however, choose to be Present, which means Focusing into the Spirit we are. As Dr. Lane Teaches, That is our job. If negativity/karma comes up, we have lots of Valuable Tools to use to help you Surrender right away before you have a creation going, all the while keeping that crucial Focus:

Tool #1The Meditation For Health And Well-Being, available in-person and via CD or MP3. As a host of this easy-to-follow Guided Meditation, I can easily tell you that every time I participate, I feel like a great big vacuum cleaner is sweeping through my body, taking negativity from me! What is taken isn’t my business. I Know It’s Grace. I just sit there and Allow It.

This Tool is crucial in another way – the more you “work” It, the more you understand that what we call “disease” is negativity – thoughts, feelings, etc. – that we have chosen to take inside of us and that are now “lodged” there in our bodies. This is how we end up with “disease.” So if you choose or have chosen to hold on to anger, that “anger” may show up as “disease.”

Tool #2The Meditation Of The Light Of The Most High, offered at the main Cosmos Tree Home Center and our Regional Centers. Once you have attended One you are given what you need so you can do It at home! This Meditation host goes to her nearest Center every time It is offered because all I do is attend and negativity just vanishes! I do my part by showing up and following the instructions; the “real work” is the Work of Grace. I also have Opportunities to choose to let go. It’s practice and practice again. I never ever leave “feeling stressed.” It’s impossible if you Allow, as Dr. Lane explains.

The more I Meditate at Cosmos Tree, the more often I feel like negativity falls off me – really is taken from me – before it has a chance to build up.

Tool #3The Two-Part Release Technique. This is a very simple technique that you can do inside yourself in less than a minute as often as you need to, even quietly while you are with someone or doing something, to let go of negativity right away.

Begin by calling in the Light Of The Most High like this: “Lord, God, send me Your Light!” Then ask the Lord, God to take negativity from you like this: “Lord, God for the Highest Good, please take this [fill in what you want taken from you; this writer often says “anything that stands between me and the Spirit I am”; you can also fill in more specifically – i.e., anger or judgements or pressure on yourself or “stress”] from me!” Then tell yourself “(your name) It’s OK to let it go!”

Tool # 4Instructive examples to follow showcased in Cosmos Tree’s popular Tools For Living Free, a life-altering two-sided educational publication comprised of Excerpts from Talks given by Dr. Lane. It is free of charge. A favorite instructive, brilliant in its simplicity, adaptability and effectiveness, is the crucial example given by Dr. Lane in TFLF #139 of Dr. Lane’s wife asking Dr. Lane to take out the garbage. Dr. Lane agrees to do it BUT – and this is important – also chooses to do it from a Loving Heart, without resentment, without anger, without holding onto negativity (read: creating stress!). This is a beautiful example of exercising one’s Power Of Choice, another Key Teaching brought forward by Dr. Lane.

Tool #5Step-by-Step exercises. These easy-to-follow exercises are on page 2 of every single Tools For Living Free, all of which are listed on the website. Give yourself 30 seconds, at most a minute, to release the negativity (again, you can do it quietly inside yourself when alone or even while with someone or doing something) and you’ll have given yourself the Support and the Love that you need.

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What are Tools For Living Free?

Tools For Living Free are just that – Tools that help you live Freely by learning to focus into the Spirit you are; to co-create with Spirit; and to let go of what separates you from the Spirit you are (the negativity).

According to The Teachings brought forward by Cosmos Tree Founder and Director Roger B. Lane, Ph.D., we are already Free but we’ve chosen away from the Spirit we are and have created separation. As the many who “work” these Tools know, “stuff” comes up (hurt, pain, sadness, anger, negativity all) and these powerful two-sided educational publications help you learn to release it the moment it comes up. After all, that negativity that we choose to create is the separation between us and the Spirit we are – and between us and living Freely, joyously and peacefully.

Under the generous direction of Dr. Lane, there is a complete Library of these Valuable Tools on the Cosmos Tree web site. There are over 140 of Them, all free of charge, with a new one introduced with each bimonthly Newsletter.

Each One focuses on a different topic, ranging from “Acceptance: All That We Are” to “Self-Acceptance” to “Using The Tool Of Gratitude” to “The Antidote To Fear” to “You Are Worthy” to “Being Present In The Moment”. These are among the most popular.

The many Tools “followers” who read Them – and the numbers grow daily – opt to do so in a range of ways. There are those who go online, quietly and privately, when “something comes up for them”; for instance, studying for an exam and suddenly “feeling stressed” or having a “problem” with a family member or “difficulty” business-wise.

Still others prefer the one-on-one attention of a skilled Cosmos Tree representative that comes with visiting the New York Home Center or a Regional Center. These attendees often request that this representative “tailor a Tool”; for example, this representative often recommends “Family ‘Problems’: Why, What And How” for family-related “issues” or “Worry! Then Use Worry To Lift” for work- or home- or school-related situations where the individual needs to learn to let go of negativity; or “Dealing with ‘Death’” for those requesting help after the loss of a loved one or caring for someone in hospice who is transitioning. This Tool provides a wonderful Opportunity to Learn that we are Eternal and that there is no such thing as death. No such thing.

Each Tools For Living Free is based on a Talk given monthly by Dr. Lane [link to schedule] These Talks are given on the first Wednesday of every month and are available both in-person at the New York City Home Center (recommended)  and via teleconference from around the country and in Mexico.

Each Tool includes excerpts from these Enlightening Talks, including a very Spirited question-and-answer section and a Step-by-Step exercise that can be done any time negativity comes up and/or when you simply want to be in the Joy of your own Growth and Upliftment. Most Tools also feature  “Try This”, another powerful 1-2-3 exercise that helps you live Freely – all in a few moments’ “time.” Study the Tools, as we say at Cosmos Tree, and you’ll soon learn that by reading Them you are really giving to yourSelf as the Spirit you are; and you are Learning to live in that Truth.

The Tools are also available in Spanish and are very popular in translation at the highly successful Visiting Meditations that Cosmos Tree hosts, notably at old-age homes.

Finally, there are the oft-asked queries from “beginners” – “what do you suggest I read to begin with?” The best recommendation is also the most popular – a “package” of three that is indeed numbered #1 (Using the Tool Of Choice”; #2 (“The Power Of Letting Go”); and #3, once again “Acceptance: All That We Are.” As Dr. Lane has explained in The Money Workbook, another powerful Tool available at Cosmos Tree Centers, “Acceptance is the first law of getting along in the world.”

Please do help yourself to live Freely as you Truly are by clicking on the above links, beginning with a subscription to the Cosmos Tree Newsletter! That way, you’ll have a Tools For Living Free delivered to your door or inbox bimonthly. I suggest that you treat this Tool with the reverence it deserves by putting it in a plastic cover and sliding It into a looseleaf notebook. Many participants at one highly successful, always packed Visiting Meditation keep their own such libraries.

Know this: If you live by Tools For Living Free, you have a roadmap for life as it is meant to be lived, which is FREEly.

And if you need a place to start, start with TFLF #40 – “How To Run A Business (Your Life) Spiritually”.

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