Are You Giving Yourself The Life You Want? A mini-guide.

“GIVE YOURSELF THE LIFE YOU WANT!!!” is printed in big boldface type on the cover of the latest Cosmos Tree brochure. The new Cosmos Tree website, on its Home page, says “LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT!”

As the brochure states, Cosmos Tree “offers Tools you can use – “CDs; MP3s; DVDs; Talks; Open Hours; Classes; Workshops; and Publications … to assist you in transforming your innate potential into concrete reality.

So where to begin?

Learn How To Live Worry-Free!

I vividly remember the exact afternoon I heard the first notes of reggae music. I was perched on the cliffs with childhood girlfriends overlooking the sparkling Pacific Ocean. When the music came on I was beyond taken with it. It went straight to my mainline and my heartbeat permanently shifted to that of a crisp roots rhythm guitar. I was awash in the sweet sound. As the honorable Robert Nesta Marley said, “One good thing about music is when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

Reggae has a pure, positive vibe to it. It matches me perfectly. It was me living a sun-soaked, bikini-laden, sandy feet, beachside youth in Southern California. It was my college nights in dreary, dreamy London-town, with the strong Jamaican influx of roots and ragga music banging from beneath the cobblestone street basement clubs. Reggae was always more than a sing-a-long at a summer time concert or a fat dub bass line mixed with keyboard and brass horns for me; it was a happy reminder of life being joyful, easy and fun.

A lot of the pure reggae vibes, barring some dark horses like Peter Tosh and a handful of fiery young bloods, are steeped in positivity and have that signature Caribbean, Polynesian, South American as well as New Zealand and Australian heritages of, “No worries. Easy now. Hang loose. No problemo. Shaka bra. I’ve got nothing but love for me bredren and sistren.” The lyrics are inclusive. All accepting. All loving. All’s good. Mix in a little sass of, “Cock up yuh bumper, sit down pon it,” and you’ve got an anthem brewing.

This is the aspect that always kept me returning. Positivity plus the coined, “No worries.” I took that notion to heart. Yet, I also had my feet very firmly planted on the ground and wondered to myself, “With all do respect for the forefathers of this rad music revolution, do they actually think there are no worries in life?” Really, no worries? Zero. How do they do that?

Even though I was young and my life was peachy keen even I recognized that the world seemed to hold an ongoing series of problems and troubles. “How can you truly have no worries?” I wondered. I laughingly concluded that these raggamuffins must be high on herbal sacrament to such a large degree that their exclusive daily responsibility was just to collect tropical fruits and spearfish for dinner. They, in fact, were so very worry-free that they casually rocked bellbottom jeans when it was 96 degrees in the shade. I’m generalizing, of course, but the “no worries” essence always kept me curious. It can’t be that simple as just saying it even in sweet harmonization, I thought.

I kept on skanking. Kept on growing. Kept on living. Kept on keeping on. Problems came and problems went. Money came, money went; money came again. Lovers came, went and came again. Life was very good to me, much to give thanks for, and yet the low hum level of worry ran beneath the soundtrack of my life. This was despite the fact that I was a generally very positive and blessed person. Having worries given how lovely my landscape was seemed strange to me even though it is very much the accepted norm for most people. Now I know from my beloved Meditation Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane, “That what passes for normal in this world is actually crazy.”

I never thought to look within for the glowing and flowing freedom my heart was set on. Yet that is exactly what Dr. Lane has Taught me to do. Through immersing myself into the blissful Meditation Of The Light Of The Most High on a daily basis I have received wonderful experiences of steadfast calmness, laughter and humor, greater Blessings that I could have ever dreamed of, deep gratitude and a strong compass inside that knows my vessel is exactly where it needs to be.

This Meditation gives eternally. Ever living, ever faithful, ever sure. Even in my daily, mundane, waking moments everything is touched by the Light Of The Most High and made to shine in pure Joy. I am stoked. Living from this place is pure. Spirit just handles things for me. I feel as though I’m floating and my day-to-day life is so easy and grace-filled, like a concierge service is taking care of every detail. I am devotedly committed to keeping my inner environment clear and bright with the Love that I truly am through my Meditation practice. There is deep Devotion on my part and continual re-Commitment. Each moment. Each-and-every moment. There really, truly are no worries here. It is all Love and Love is all there is. It is ultimate Oneness, more so than any reggae ballad has ever conceived.

This is available to everyone. The most incredible, powerful thing in the world is within you. It is the Same as That Which is in me. The Soul. The Soul is Oneness. I & I, as the reggae vibes would hint at. In reality, we are all the Oneness. We just don’t know it. Until we do. It is the Oscillation of the Soul – Which is pure Love – in Divine Joy and Harmony. We are so blessed that we get to know This while we’re in the body, not after “death,” which is an illusion anyway, but right this moment as I listen to my favorite jams and enjoy a beautiful Wednesday afternoon. That’s the Immediacy of Spirit. I’ve learned very much through the Gift of Initiation, through the process of studying with Dr. Lane and through the Divine Experiences I’ve had while Meditating with The Light Of The Most High. The Soul in me is comprised of the same “material,” as it were, as That in Dr. Lane. The Teacher supports the student with great patience and Love. It is similar to if you were to learn a new language you would seek out a classroom and educator to guide you. Dr. Lane is deeply Committed to his Students and serving Them and welcomes all Students into the Meditation Studio, asking only that we Love God, Which is Loving ourSelves.

This is the ultimate egalitarian, equal rights, justice scenario. Dr. Lane Teaches that we are all deeply Loved. Infinitely. Beyond understanding. Regardless of what we do. Out beyond the field of wrong-doing and right-doing, as Rumi would say. We are implicitly perfect just as we are. Not on the physical level with our quirks nor on the emotional or mental with hot surges and circular thoughts. It’s the Soul within us. The part of us that is Perfect no matter what the outer circumstance is. It is the Essence of Who we really are. Even if we don’t know it. Similar to how gravity operates regardless of whether or not we acknowledge it, believe in it or can calculate it. It just is.

The good news is that you don’t have to understand anything to Receive. Start Meditating now by attending a Meditation at your local Center! Work with the Teacher, Dr. Lane, by requesting Initiation into the Sound Current On The Path Of Soul Transcendence! Do it all with a Loving heart and curiosity! You won’t have to take anyone’s word for anything. It’s all within. You’ll have direct experiences yourSelf. The system is that magical. Spirit customizes life for you to have the exact Learnings you need to Lift and Grow and know yourSelf as Soul. Cruise through the world with your focus on the Soul you are by Meditating and working with the Teacher and you will find that you are more powerful than you could have ever dreamed.

The sidekick, the byproduct of this awesome cocktail is that life become so easy, so joyful, so laughable that it is the best thing going. I can’t begin to describe how happy I am. How good the music sounds from this altitude! How everything just seems to happen for me and is better than I could have ever imagined! I smile. I am living the ride of my life. Irie I? You bet. No worries? Nah bra, not a single one. Immeasurable Love and natural mystic beyond words. Yes iyah.

The fire is blazing for you, too. Take the Gift if you’re reading this! Run with it and allow the Spirit you are to run the show. And rock steady to the sweet Sound of your Soul!

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How To Meditate With Kids

I Mediate daily with the Meditation Of The Light Of The Most High, taught by Dr. Roger B. Lane, the Founding Director of Cosmos Tree, and know the many physical, emotional, mental – and most importantly – Spiritual benefits of my practice. I would love for my children to benefit like I do from Meditation, but let’s face it! They are 5, 3, and 2 years old. I can’t even get them to sit quietly for 5 minutes, let alone hours!

Dr. Roger B. Lane advised me to start with a simple exercise for children. A precursor to the Meditation Of The Light Of The Most High, this exercise can help children to relax; practice quiet time; and to strengthen their ability to Focus.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Sit your child in a comfortable spot with his/her arms and legs uncrossed.

2. Call in The Light Of The Most High by saying, “For the Highest Good, Lord, God, send us Your Light! Thank you.”

3. Tell your child/children to close their eyes and take a deep breath completely relaxing themSelves!

4. Now tell them to pretend they have a nose in the middle of their forehead. Have them “breathe” in and out through this nose in their forehead. For my little ones I guide them by placing my finger on the center of their foreheads and say, “Here! Pretend the nose is here and breathe in and out!” Do this exercise for a short time at first – 10 seconds, 30 seconds, a minute – gradually increasing the time as they become accustomed to the exercise.

5. Note that while doing this exercise slow deep breaths relax your child but the focus of the exercise is not on the breath. Rather, the focus is on the “nose” in the middle of their forehead. By “breathing” here, your child is practicing “rising” above thoughts and feelings and placing his/her attention at Spirit.

6. As your child/children become accustomed to this exercise and are able to sit quietly for longer periods of time, you may add this important step to the process. Tell your child/children to say the word “HU” (pronounced like you) inside themselves while they breathe out of the nose in their forehead. HU is an ancient name of the Lord, God.

As Dr. Lane has often instructed, Meditation is a way to work one’s “Spiritual Muscle”. And, as with most exercises, practice and consistency strengthen the muscle. As I have worked with my children I’ve had varied responses (from uncooperative to cooperative). It is my Responsibility to stay Neutral and present the exercise as it is laid out. If we have a day where they are especially wiggly, I say to the kids, “OK, we’ll try again tomorrow.” And we do! As I continue to work with my children, it is a Joy to know they are growing Spiritually strong!

In addition, I’ve found that doing this exercise with them is an Opportunity for ME to Focus and let go of any judgments or expectations I may have (about them, about myself as a parent, etc.). It is a time for me to be completely Present and Loving with my children and to share with them the Love I have for the Lord, God.

Another wonderful exercise to practice with children is the Two-Part Release Technique, taught by Dr. Lane and often featured in the Tools For Living Free publication, offered by Cosmos Tree. I use this Technique frequently for myself, and have begun to use it with my children when they are exhibiting anger, frustration, fear, sadness, etc. This Technique allows you to release negative thoughts and feelings in order to live as the Spirit you are!

Here’s how to do it:

1. Call in The Light Of The Most High with your child by saying, “Lord, God, send us Your Light!”

2. Ask your child if s/he has any hurt, pain, anger, etc. (You may already know what your child is feeling. I usually do and will then point out the feeling to my children by saying, “You seem really angry/sad/frustrated. Let’s let that go!”)

3. Tell them to repeat after you, “Lord, God, for the Highest Good, please take this hurt/pain/anger (whatever is bothering your child) from me!

4. Then tell your child to let it go by having them repeat after you, “(child’s name or name by which s/he refers him/herself) It’s okay to let it go!”

5. Repeat this process as often as necessary!

Both of these exercises, when done consistently, assist you and your child/children in living a more Spirit-Focused, Light-filled, life!

For more Resources that are geared specifically for adults browse our Resources section of this site. Cosmos Tree has many Tools/Resources that help you to live free! Visit our Monthly Talks page for a complete list of MP3s for Guidance on every situation in your life! Also visit the Tools For Living Free page to read free publications that explain how to live Spirit-centered!

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Stop Drinking! Start Meditating!

I am bored of the “mom stereotypes” that perpetuate social media these days. Scrolling through my Facebook feed, not a day goes by that I don’t see something about my “favorite” stereotype – moms and wine. Yesterday it was a meme that said, “kids are so expensive because of all the wine I have to buy…”

As a mom of three (almost four) children, I feel almost insulted by this stereotype. There seems to be a generally accepted notion that moms can’t “deal” without the aid of alcohol – or that life isn’t good until a glass of wine is in a mom’s hand.

Well, I am here to tell you that I not only “deal” with the responsibility of parenthood without the use of alcohol (I don’t drink or consume alcohol in any way) but that I have something even better to help me “cope” with parenthood. I have Meditation and The Teachings brought forth by Dr. Roger B. Lane, Founder and Director of Cosmos Tree, Inc. Through the Meditation technique taught at the Cosmos Tree Center in New York City and through the many Tools and Resources Cosmos Tree offers (many for free and available on the Web site) I not only am able to “cope” with being a mom – but I live my life freely, from a Spiritual Perspective. What does that mean for me? It means that I approach my family, my home, my responsibilities from a place of Gratitude and Neutrality. I live my life knowing I am Spirit and with that Focus I am Present in my life and able to fully experience its Joy.

For me, the experience of being truly Present – in the moment – knowing life is a gift that continually gives me Opportunities to surrender, learn, and grow is a far better “stress-reliever” than any alcohol-induced stupor I can imagine moms (and really everyone who drinks) want.

My second “favorite” stereotype that I see in mainstream media is the “mom’s weekend away”. This time away from family tends to include debauchery, wild nights, alcohol (of course), and a “who gives a shit – not me!” sort of attitude. Does this really happen? Are there moms out there taking these kinds of weekends away – and truly enjoying them?

I was away for the weekend recently. The entire weekend – Friday morning through Sunday night. Husband was home with the kids and I was on my own. It was lovely. My destination was the Cosmos Tree Center in New York City. While I relished the time by myself (at the airport sitting quietly; in a bathroom taking a shower without three screaming kids ALSO in said bathroom…) the highlight of my trip was being at the Center. There I sat in Meditation; listened to a Talk given by Dr. Lane that furthered my understanding of what it means to live as the Spirit I am; and spent time conversing, laughing, and caring with a group of like-minded and like-hearted people. I don’t live in New York City but I visit as often as I can. Dr. Lane and the offerings at Cosmos Tree and CRASS (Cosmos Tree’s sister organization) is why I go but the community there and the support I’ve found from these amazing people who live from a place of Loving Kindness is the cherry on top.

Moms, I beseech you! Put down your glass of wine! Read a Tools For Living Free, available on the Cosmos Tree Web site (for free) if you are struggling with something or feel like you are at your wits’ end. And then get yourself to the Center in New York City.

Whether you live in New York or not come to the Center! Meet Dr. Lane and the amazing community of people who frequent the Center! Meditate! De-stress! Know you are Spirit! I promise you, you won’t miss the wine.

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The Truth About Holiday Stress – and What You Can Do About It!

As the holidays approach I am starting to have those familiar warm and happy feelings about my life and my family. I picture myself celebrating with loved ones, wearing a cozy knitted sweater, opening gifts, baking fun new recipes and sipping peppermint hot cocoa while listening to holiday-infused jazz. Something about thinking of the”future” is comforting. I do so especially towards the end of the summer when I need to cope with the imminent change of temperature and choose to focus on the “happy things” that happen during the winter. I also have done it out of habit. My mind is just used to doing that. This reminds me of something the Founder and Director of Cosmos Tree, Dr. Roger B. Lane, talks about in The Money Workbook: that we are so habituated in living in the “future” that we don’t enjoy it when it finally arrives because we have moved onto the next thing in the “future”.

For me, the feeling of comfort in thinking of the “future” is that I do not have to deal with the feelings and thoughts that I sometimes experience when I am in the situation; when that holiday I’ve pictured arrives. Staring into the “future”, I can just sit and watch from a distance the version of myself that does not react to others; where no emotions cloud my inner environment. In the actual holiday I react to my family and their moods; I do not love the knitted sweater I wear; I dread the ceremony of opening gifts because it is never a surprise (everyone specifically asked for what they get) and it also seems to take forever; I never have enough time to actually enjoy baking; I get stomach aches from anything “fun” to drink; and the music, well, that may be the one thing I truly enjoy but even that gets tiring after a while. Maybe it is just hard to be me or maybe this is a universal experience but, whatever it is, I know I have let my environment affect me deeply. My intention is always to get along with everyone and share the love I feel for them but somehow, when in contact with others, I feel almost as if static interferes with my frequency. I feel like a radio in the presence of an intrusive satellite and my stations start to flip and flop, possessed. Only now I have come to know that this experience is not quite unique to me. It affects all of us on some level.

In family therapy it is known that an entire family can have an unperceived negative dynamic where only one member is symptomatic. In other words, it may be a problem for all family members but only one person actually exhibits that problem or its effects. In my family that person was always I. Suddenly, during the holidays I would have lower back pain; random allergy reactions; mild depression; anxiety; or anything that urged me to remove myself from family gatherings for periods of time. I have even experienced behaving differently, letting other people’s personality influence my own. The challenging thing is that I love being around people, and in those situations when I am affected by other people’s “energy” I find myself battling an inexplicable need for space and quiet.

Years passed before I learned the simple things I could do in those situations because I am especially sensitive to people’s “energy” despite how much I enjoy their company. Yes, I am not all “positive vibes” myself, and I am responsible for my reactions, but I used to constantly blame myself for what I experienced around people. I always thought I was being “dramatic” or “just anxious” (and other people did too!) But I need to share honestly here because I have seen other people struggle with similar experiences and, like me, they can be pretty hard on themselves because they do not understand the nature of this phenomena. For instance, my co-worker recently shared with me that she has been having difficulty working at the psychiatric hospital where we work together. She couldn’t explain why the environment seems to be affecting her. I shared with her what I learned through Meditation and my studies with Dr. Lane and that is that we are not just a sack of flesh and bones. We are the Soul within that animates us; and Souls are transmitters and we tend to dismiss this because our minds cannot understand it. We have experiences that go beyond what our minds can grasp and we treat them as if they don’t exist rather than simply accepting that we may just not understand them with our minds.

We affect one another and sometimes can “feel” one another not because we are “connected” as some people say, but because all Souls are the same Spirit. We have different physical bodies and at this lower level even the Soul seems separate from other Souls but all Souls that are seemingly “here” or “there” are One and the Same, according to the Teachings that Dr. Lane brings forth. So our inner environment affects others and when we insist on our negativity, for example, it does not only affect ourselves but everyone else as well; and some of us will be more conscious than others of the effects of such negativity but whether we know it consciously or not, we are affected and we are responsible for what we do about this.


What can help with our reactions to others?


  • Second, we  also practice acceptance: We need to accept our reactions and accept others. Acceptance, in fact, takes care of the compulsive need to focus into the “future”, as I was doing before with the holidays, or the past. Being present is essential to being with the Spirit within, Which is who we are, and we cannot be present without accepting ourselves, as explained in the Money Workbook.


  • Third, we practice Gratitude for the learning that that person or situation is helping to bring forth. So rather than resent someone and their negativity, we move into gratitude for that person’s helping to bring forth the opportunity to let go of attachments (our reaction to whatever others bring forth).

Following is a process that is very helpful and can be done as soon as you open your eyes in the morning:

Call in The Light of the Most High by saying:

“For the Highest Good, Lord, God, please send me Your Light!

Please Lord, God, place the Christed Light within me, surrounding me and between me and any negativity! And burn a Purple Candle in my solar plexus! Thank you.”

And with that I’ll leave you to celebrate the holidays and even celebrate going to work the next day!

Happy Holidays!

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Thanksgiving Gratitude

As a child, I remember the holidays being magical. There was the turkey; pumpkin pie; fancy dresses; loads of relatives; eating, eating and eating! As an adult, my experience of the holidays has been not that magical. There’s the turkey (to cook!); the pumpkin pie (calories!); dressing my own squirming children in fancy clothes (so many tiny buttons!); loads of relatives (making a mess at my house!) and all that eating, eating and more eating!

Last year my husband and I hosted Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve…for a plethora of family members ranging from a 1-year-old to a 90-year-old. The amount of food I prepared, served, and cleaned up, was staggering. While I hosted, I also cared for my three young children who were hyped up on excitement, sugar, late bedtimes, and way too many presents.

Did I feel stress? Of course I did! But through my work with Dr. Lane and Cosmos Tree I know what stress really is. Dr. Lane teaches that stress is when we go outside of ourselves and lose our Focus on the Spirit that we are. Because stress is a state that we place ourselves in, we have control over it and can Focus into Spirit if we choose. In other words, we have the power to be stress-free.

Cosmos Tree offers many Tools that assist in keeping a Focus on the Spirit that you are and on re-gaining your power to be free – stress-free, worry-free, anger-free, etc. I choose to use these Tools at the holidays and throughout the year to help me be the best I can be – even under circumstances that look extremely hectic to the outside world.

One such Tool that I use every Thanksgiving, is the Meditation Of Gratitude. It is available in-person at the Home Center in NYC and via teleconference for those that live 50 miles or more from the Center. It is, by far, my favorite part of Thanksgiving and I treasure the experience each year. Amidst the chaos of Thanksgiving morning – the baking and chopping, cleaning and organizing – it is approximately 20 minutes of time I give to mySelf to sit quietly while Dr. Lane’s voice guides me on a journey of deep appreciation of all that is in my life.

As Dr. Lane says in the life-altering book, The Money Workbook, “Being in gratitude means one is deeply appreciative of what one already has.” On Thanksgiving, I love to experience Gratitude fully, as a way to remind myself what the holidays are really about and to be Present with the Spirit I am.

To learn more about the Meditation Of Gratitude, and Its amazing benefits, I Lovingly encourage you to read the Cosmos Tree blog post “Meditation Of Gratitude” and to join us this Thanksgiving for the Meditation Of Gratitude hosted at the NYC Home Center. For those wishing to call-in via teleconference, please email for complete details.

I’ll be calling in from the hotel room near my brother’s out-of-state home. We’ll be spending Thanksgiving with him and his family this year.

I hear he makes a delicious turkey dinner…

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Want to Know How to Really Celebrate Thanksgiving? Listen to the Meditation Of Gratitude!

For many people, the holiday of Thanksgiving has to do with saying “thank you” or “giving thanks.” But as a longtime Student of Dr. Lane, the Founder and Director of Cosmos Tree, I know that it is really Gratitude that is one of the most important Teachings that Dr. Lane brings forward. It is One that I have studied for years and that I Know to be Key to living in Peace and in Joy each and every moment.

Gratitude is the Focus of Thanksgiving at Cosmos Tree, Which each Thanksgiving day offers a special Meditation of Gratitude at noon at the New York City Home Center, Which is also available via teleconference around the country and outside of it. This Offering is very popular. Do give this to yourSelf by attending in person and/or by calling in! 

Gratitude is one of the most important Spiritual Realities. And, when practiced properly, It is a doorway to Joy, to Peace and to being in the Present moment. In other words, Gratitude as It’s meant to be practiced is extremely important. Listening to the CD or MP3 of the Meditation Of Gratitude on a regular basis can do more to change your life than anything else you are doing right now.

So how do you live in Gratitude, in real Gratitude? One of the best ways, as this frequent Participant and Meditation Of Gratitude Host has discovered, is to listen to this important Guided Meditation – and then listen again and again – as often as you need to “to be in Gratitude,” as the Meditation’s Creator, Roger B. Lane, Cosmos Tree’s Founder and Director, clearly states in the Meditation Itself.

So what does “to be in Gratitude” mean? First, via this Powerful Meditation, Gratitude is “experiential”; in other words, you need to “experience” It and you may experience It in a different way from the way this Participant does. But in a nutshell, this Meditation takes you, the listener, to a place “inside” yourSelf where you can have the Direct Experience of Gratitude.

The first time this Host did the Meditation, she had the experience of being Grateful to everyone for everything, a powerful realization of just how many people and how many actions they’ve taken – literally boundless numbers of them virtually impossible to fully recollect – there indeed are to be in Gratitude. For example, for the newsstand owner who hands me the paper each day; the individuals who make the paper; the many who run the presses; those who drive the trucks; so many that Gratitude was spilling out “inside” for hours upon hours after having listened to the Meditation of Gratitude.

The experience was one of being Grateful for everything – i.e., for the dollars I do have; for the health I do have; for the Love I do have. In the mere 20 minutes it took to listen to the CD, I was “moved” – the experience is really a Flow – into Love.

That very experience was also one of Acceptance. After listening for a while, I found myself wondering, am I accepting all that is here for me? The job and the job hunt? The business situation that, up until now, felt “difficult”? The “workload” that, up until now, felt “overwhelming”? The love I do have in my life? The food I do have on the table! The home I live in!

And then to be “moved” into Gratitude for the life I am living now, really for the Gift of this Life. As Dr. Lane says at the end of this Meditation: “be grateful for the place that you’re in now!”

If you listen often enough, this Meditation can be your best friend when it comes to “living in the Present moment” – not as buzzword, not as lip service – but as a Spiritual Reality. As Dr. Lane has written in The Money Workbook, another Powerful Tool to use to learn to live in Gratitude: “To be in gratitude is to live in true Abundance Consciousness.” And, as Dr. Lane has also explained to His many Students, Abundance Consciousness is placing your Consciousness at God, which is One and the Same as being Present with the Spirit you are.

The Meditation of Gratitude also helps you know “inwardly” that the Source of Supply is the Spirit you are. Listen and listen again and you understand, as in “standing under” yourSelf, as Dr. Lane explains, that you are Loved. And that we are all One. And that Gratitude is a Reality that is “inside of you” –for all that you are. Open that “inner door” to Gratitude and deep Appreciation follows. As Dr. Lane writes in The Money Workbook, “Being in gratitude means one is deeply appreciate of what one already has.”

It’s that simple. And that incredible. And all in 20 minutes or so each time.

But here’s the “rub”: it is up to you to access It. Up to you to choose to listen to the Meditation Of Gratitude – and to do so as often as you need to to be in Gratitude, as Dr. Lane states. And that is each and every moment. So listen often.

The Meditation Of Gratitude is available by going to

If you would like to share your experiences of Gratitude after listening to this Meditation, please do so by emailing

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Meditation Celebration

It’s not the most packed house in the city. This Meditation Center – but it will be. Hearts are opening by the moment and love cannot help guiding us exactly where we’re meant to be.

The Meditation Of The Light Of The Most High satisfies, replenishes, heals, renews and gives perfect attunement.

And yet many turn away from the invitation. “I have a frightful situation with my husband. We are really on the rocks and I don’t think he would like me taking time for myself.” “Things are insane at work. I have to stay late indefinitely.” “My kids are so demanding of my time. There is nothing left for me.” “I know,” I say, “Come anyway! Come with concerns and your burdens! Just trust me! Better yet, trust yourself, your heart! You are greatly, greatly loved and you got this. Meditation helps you know that.”

The thing they don’t know – until they do –that Meditation strengthens the part of themselves that resides in, “Everything is okay,” and, in turn, it makes things okay. It’s true. When you anchor your life with a committed Meditation practice what you are doing is giving yourself devotion to the Soul within you and the things of the world handle themselves. Effortlessly. Yes, to buy my new, dream home I still may need to go sign the escrow documents; however, the Grace of having a strong Spiritual Practice allows things to happen easily for me. For instance, my ideal, brand new home is shown to me before it even goes on the market and has a motivated developer selling it. The perfect boyfriend for me shows up at my doorstep, literally, without my even inviting him over or knowing him until he knocks on the door. My grass hut bungalow in Bora Bora is upgraded to a thatched roof suite on stilts over the aqua water. This is a magic show.

When I really step back and absorb how utterly cared for I am it is mind-blowing. The gifts that have come into my life, and continue to, every day leave me speechless. Mind blown. That’s why I’m attempting to paint a picture of the immense, infinite Love and wonderment that comes with Meditation. Its Gifts don’t stop when the timer goes off. They’ve just begun.

It is the great democracy – you need nothing; you come with everything already inside of you and when you sit to Meditate you simply allow that which is your true Essence to well-up from within you and eclipse the mundane, the minutia you with the expansive and utterly true infinite you. The beauty is that through this natural process you Lift above your thoughts and feelings that are the pain of separation from the Spirit you are. There is real peace within yourself. You discover that you’re joyful, feel free and are light. You are still yourself but kinder, easier to forgive, grateful for all you have, an interested student of life and a calm presence wherever you go. It is delightful and all because of Meditation.

This fine art form has been here since the beginning and you are perfectly suited right now, with all your perceived imperfections. Start right now! And now! And now! And now! All these moments are here for you. It’s your choice. There’s no pressure. Love is patient, love is kind. Love does not abide by time.

Meditation is the highest form of self Love. Trust me, I’ve tried it all. I have been around more blocks than I can tally. Popped down side streets and took the short cut across alleys. What I’ve found is that there is no substitute for this. And why would you want a substitute anyway?

The real Teacher is holding court; gently waiting for you to take off your heavy jacket and make yourself at home inside yourself. Get used to the spaciousness! Get accustomed to being taken care of! Make friends with the exuberantly bursting and ever-replenishing fireworks inside. You’re going to become one with the celebration and soon realize that it is all you ever were and all you’ll ever be.

And the most you could ever ask for.

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How To Find The Time To Give YourSelf The Gift Of Meditation

I am a parent of three young ones and I Meditate. Everyday. For hours. The reaction I most get is, “How do you find the TIME!?!”

How does one “find the time” for anything, really? Parenting, marriage, friendship, Service and Meditation – for me it boils down to Commitment. I “find the time” because I choose to. How do I feed my children healthful food instead of junk food? I commit to buying and preparing healthful food. It’s the same with Meditation.

I Commit to placing a priority on mySelf; on my well-being; on my Knowing that I am Spirit; on my being with the Spirit that I am and I create the time to exercise That. For me, placing a priority on mySelf is an Inward choice. It’s about aligning with the Spirit within me and keeping my Focus there rather than trying to “fit in” another “Do” on my “To Do” list.

Trust me, it is not always “easy”. My kids are sometimes up at 6am and awake until 8pm. There are meals to make; laundry to wash; toilets to scrub, etc. I have a lot going on, as most people do. So I start my day, sometimes as early as 4am, before the kids wake – with Meditation.

Commitment has to do with Loving. It is not outside mySelf; it is an inner process and a volitional process. I Love mySelf so much I wake at 4am to devote time to the practice I Love, which fills me with Peace, Joy, Love, Energy, and Balance. I know that through this practice I am a better parent – really a better person overall – and am able to “find the time” for ALL the things happening in my life that need my attention.

When I place my Focus on Spirit and give that to mySelf, time no longer exists. The day has ample time for me to accomplish all I set out to do and more. I “find the time” by making a choice, committing to mySelf, and Loving mySelf enough to follow through with that Commitment.

If you’d like to “find the time” to do and be more I Lovingly Encourage you to start by attending a Meditation at Cosmos Tree. Don’t worry! Most of the Offerings at Cosmos Tree are in the evening so you won’t have to wake as early as I do to participate! Meditation at the end of the day is a great way to de-stress after work or, like me, find some Inward “me time” after being at home with children all day!

Give yourSelf an hour and you will receive much more than “your time” back in return!

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How do I let go of stress? … Follow These Instructions!

Before answering the question, how do I let go of stress? let’s answer the question, what is stress? Dr. Lane, the Founder/Director of Cosmos Tree, has often explained that stress is negativity that is “outside of us” that we have chosen to take “inside” of us. So stress is a choice.

Dr. Lane also instructs that we are not responsible for what passes through us; we are, however, responsible for what we choose to persist in! Negativity we persist in is a creation by us called karma. As Dr. Lane frequently points out, karma is what separates us from the Spirit we are. Karma is stressful because separation from Spirit is painful!

That “stress” includes karma we create in our lifetimes. We are 100% responsible for all of it. “We are at the effect of it”, as Dr. Lane instructs, whether we know it or not.

We can, however, choose to be Present, which means Focusing into the Spirit we are. As Dr. Lane Teaches, That is our job. If negativity/karma comes up, we have lots of Valuable Tools to use to help you Surrender right away before you have a creation going, all the while keeping that crucial Focus:

Tool #1The Meditation For Health And Well-Being, available in-person and via CD or MP3. As a host of this easy-to-follow Guided Meditation, I can easily tell you that every time I participate, I feel like a great big vacuum cleaner is sweeping through my body, taking negativity from me! What is taken isn’t my business. I Know It’s Grace. I just sit there and Allow It.

This Tool is crucial in another way – the more you “work” It, the more you understand that what we call “disease” is negativity – thoughts, feelings, etc. – that we have chosen to take inside of us and that are now “lodged” there in our bodies. This is how we end up with “disease.” So if you choose or have chosen to hold on to anger, that “anger” may show up as “disease.”

Tool #2The Meditation Of The Light Of The Most High, offered at the main Cosmos Tree Home Center and our Regional Centers. Once you have attended One you are given what you need so you can do It at home! This Meditation host goes to her nearest Center every time It is offered because all I do is attend and negativity just vanishes! I do my part by showing up and following the instructions; the “real work” is the Work of Grace. I also have Opportunities to choose to let go. It’s practice and practice again. I never ever leave “feeling stressed.” It’s impossible if you Allow, as Dr. Lane explains.

The more I Meditate at Cosmos Tree, the more often I feel like negativity falls off me – really is taken from me – before it has a chance to build up.

Tool #3The Two-Part Release Technique. This is a very simple technique that you can do inside yourself in less than a minute as often as you need to, even quietly while you are with someone or doing something, to let go of negativity right away.

Begin by calling in the Light Of The Most High like this: “Lord, God, send me Your Light!” Then ask the Lord, God to take negativity from you like this: “Lord, God for the Highest Good, please take this [fill in what you want taken from you; this writer often says “anything that stands between me and the Spirit I am”; you can also fill in more specifically – i.e., anger or judgements or pressure on yourself or “stress”] from me!” Then tell yourself “(your name) It’s OK to let it go!”

Tool # 4Instructive examples to follow showcased in Cosmos Tree’s popular Tools For Living Free, a life-altering two-sided educational publication comprised of Excerpts from Talks given by Dr. Lane. It is free of charge. A favorite instructive, brilliant in its simplicity, adaptability and effectiveness, is the crucial example given by Dr. Lane in TFLF #139 of Dr. Lane’s wife asking Dr. Lane to take out the garbage. Dr. Lane agrees to do it BUT – and this is important – also chooses to do it from a Loving Heart, without resentment, without anger, without holding onto negativity (read: creating stress!). This is a beautiful example of exercising one’s Power Of Choice, another Key Teaching brought forward by Dr. Lane.

Tool #5Step-by-Step exercises. These easy-to-follow exercises are on page 2 of every single Tools For Living Free, all of which are listed on the website. Give yourself 30 seconds, at most a minute, to release the negativity (again, you can do it quietly inside yourself when alone or even while with someone or doing something) and you’ll have given yourself the Support and the Love that you need.

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