How To Find The Time To Give YourSelf The Gift Of Meditation

I am a parent of three young ones and I Meditate. Everyday. For hours. The reaction I most get is, “How do you find the TIME!?!”

How does one “find the time” for anything, really? Parenting, marriage, friendship, Service and Meditation – for me it boils down to Commitment. I “find the time” because I choose to. How do I feed my children healthful food instead of junk food? I commit to buying and preparing healthful food. It’s the same with Meditation.

I Commit to placing a priority on mySelf; on my well-being; on my Knowing that I am Spirit; on my being with the Spirit that I am and I create the time to exercise That. For me, placing a priority on mySelf is an Inward choice. It’s about aligning with the Spirit within me and keeping my Focus there rather than trying to “fit in” another “Do” on my “To Do” list.

Trust me, it is not always “easy”. My kids are sometimes up at 6am and awake until 8pm. There are meals to make; laundry to wash; toilets to scrub, etc. I have a lot going on, as most people do. So I start my day, sometimes as early as 4am, before the kids wake – with Meditation.

Commitment has to do with Loving. It is not outside mySelf; it is an inner process and a volitional process. I Love mySelf so much I wake at 4am to devote time to the practice I Love, which fills me with Peace, Joy, Love, Energy, and Balance. I know that through this practice I am a better parent – really a better person overall – and am able to “find the time” for ALL the things happening in my life that need my attention.

When I place my Focus on Spirit and give that to mySelf, time no longer exists. The day has ample time for me to accomplish all I set out to do and more. I “find the time” by making a choice, committing to mySelf, and Loving mySelf enough to follow through with that Commitment.

If you’d like to “find the time” to do and be more I Lovingly Encourage you to start by attending a Meditation at Cosmos Tree. Don’t worry! Most of the Offerings at Cosmos Tree are in the evening so you won’t have to wake as early as I do to participate! Meditation at the end of the day is a great way to de-stress after work or, like me, find some Inward “me time” after being at home with children all day!

Give yourSelf an hour and you will receive much more than “your time” back in return!

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How do I let go of stress? … Follow These Instructions!

Before answering the question, how do I let go of stress? let’s answer the question, what is stress? Dr. Lane, the Founder/Director of Cosmos Tree, has often explained that stress is negativity that is “outside of us” that we have chosen to take “inside” of us. So stress is a choice.

Dr. Lane also instructs that we are not responsible for what passes through us; we are, however, responsible for what we choose to persist in! Negativity we persist in is a creation by us called karma. As Dr. Lane frequently points out, karma is what separates us from the Spirit we are. Karma is stressful because separation from Spirit is painful!

That “stress” includes karma we create in our lifetimes. We are 100% responsible for all of it. “We are at the effect of it”, as Dr. Lane instructs, whether we know it or not.

We can, however, choose to be Present, which means Focusing into the Spirit we are. As Dr. Lane Teaches, That is our job. If negativity/karma comes up, we have lots of Valuable Tools to use to help you Surrender right away before you have a creation going, all the while keeping that crucial Focus:

Tool #1The Meditation For Health And Well-Being, available in-person and via CD or MP3. As a host of this easy-to-follow Guided Meditation, I can easily tell you that every time I participate, I feel like a great big vacuum cleaner is sweeping through my body, taking negativity from me! What is taken isn’t my business. I Know It’s Grace. I just sit there and Allow It.

This Tool is crucial in another way – the more you “work” It, the more you understand that what we call “disease” is negativity – thoughts, feelings, etc. – that we have chosen to take inside of us and that are now “lodged” there in our bodies. This is how we end up with “disease.” So if you choose or have chosen to hold on to anger, that “anger” may show up as “disease.”

Tool #2The Meditation Of The Light Of The Most High, offered at the main Cosmos Tree Home Center and our Regional Centers. Once you have attended One you are given what you need so you can do It at home! This Meditation host goes to her nearest Center every time It is offered because all I do is attend and negativity just vanishes! I do my part by showing up and following the instructions; the “real work” is the Work of Grace. I also have Opportunities to choose to let go. It’s practice and practice again. I never ever leave “feeling stressed.” It’s impossible if you Allow, as Dr. Lane explains.

The more I Meditate at Cosmos Tree, the more often I feel like negativity falls off me – really is taken from me – before it has a chance to build up.

Tool #3The Two-Part Release Technique. This is a very simple technique that you can do inside yourself in less than a minute as often as you need to, even quietly while you are with someone or doing something, to let go of negativity right away.

Begin by calling in the Light Of The Most High like this: “Lord, God, send me Your Light!” Then ask the Lord, God to take negativity from you like this: “Lord, God for the Highest Good, please take this [fill in what you want taken from you; this writer often says “anything that stands between me and the Spirit I am”; you can also fill in more specifically – i.e., anger or judgements or pressure on yourself or “stress”] from me!” Then tell yourself “(your name) It’s OK to let it go!”

Tool # 4Instructive examples to follow showcased in Cosmos Tree’s popular Tools For Living Free, a life-altering two-sided educational publication comprised of Excerpts from Talks given by Dr. Lane. It is free of charge. A favorite instructive, brilliant in its simplicity, adaptability and effectiveness, is the crucial example given by Dr. Lane in TFLF #139 of Dr. Lane’s wife asking Dr. Lane to take out the garbage. Dr. Lane agrees to do it BUT – and this is important – also chooses to do it from a Loving Heart, without resentment, without anger, without holding onto negativity (read: creating stress!). This is a beautiful example of exercising one’s Power Of Choice, another Key Teaching brought forward by Dr. Lane.

Tool #5Step-by-Step exercises. These easy-to-follow exercises are on page 2 of every single Tools For Living Free, all of which are listed on the website. Give yourself 30 seconds, at most a minute, to release the negativity (again, you can do it quietly inside yourself when alone or even while with someone or doing something) and you’ll have given yourself the Support and the Love that you need.

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Experience of Meditating

I was sure I couldn’t do it. I didn’t even want to do it. To be frank, Meditation scared me. I would have much preferred eating namaste brownies for $6 a pop from Urth Café or getting a massage dubbed ‘the zen experience’ than to actually focus and apply myself to attain Inner Peace. That’s because I didn’t know that Inner Peace actually existed.

I remember vividly my first time going to Cosmos Tree Meditation Center on the Upper East Side. I was new to the city and my seasoned urbanite girlfriend would invite me to join her for nights out that began with meeting at the Meditation Center for a one-hour silent Meditation then heading out to a nightclub. Not only was it a wardrobe crisis to fit in those two activates into a one outfit wonder but, I found, there was a profound sweetness and quietude that steeped inside of me from Meditation that made the other things fall away, even and especially, the loud thumping baselines from subterranean downtown night life. After a few short tandem nights out comprised of this formula I surrendered the second chapter and just attended the main event. I was hooked. Meditation at Cosmos Tree was unlike anything I had ever experienced.

I have always been a go-getter and a fast-moving, high-heel wearing, multi-tasking, modern girl. I thought my worth was determined by what I could produce, whom I could make happy and how hard I worked. I woke up in the morning and launched into a blitz of activity and remained eclipsed by that tornado until bedtime when I crashed from exhaustion. To sit still during waking hours, and focus inwardly, felt like certain death. I was terrified of not being the overachiever. I was terrified of just being. That high blood pressure, inner fire-breathing dragon was mine to slay. Yet, when I sat in my first Meditation the experience I had was utterly opposite of that. If I focused on the Soul within everything else fell away. It was remarkably easy and I discovered, through direct experience, that there was much more to me than who I was in the world.

In the Meditation I was filled with a pulsing warmth and the more I followed the instructions – repeating the Sanskrit name of God, “HU,” and focus at the Upper Part of the Third Eye – the higher I was Lifted. I could feel mySelf being pulled upwards. At times it felt like I was even floating above mySelf. I was met by a me, a Self, that I had known all along but didn’t live as day-to-day. It was a very ancient place inside of me and this euphoria was very familiar. It was an Essence that I recognized but I had clouded so much other stuff on top of it along the way. It was Pureness alive within. I was light and flowing. It felt like the crown at the top of my head had opened like a hatch and in poured radiant energy.

The Meditation came to a close with an elegantly guided Process by which I was led to send Healings and Blessings to others, ask for Guidance and Clarity and Surrender anything that had been released during the Meditation. I did so and I felt much better. I slowly returned back into the room. My breath was long and steady, my eyes adjusting to the candle-light and a soft smile turned the corners of my lips upwards. I knew I had found something profound: My own private island getaway in the middle of the cage-rattling, shake your moneymaker New York City. I had found my own inner destination wedding; where the spark of Light within me was in Union with God. It is the closest to Home I’ve ever felt.

And the most me I’ve ever been.

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