Word To The Mother

When I was in high school I rarely connected sex to making babies or growing the heritage of families. Likely, because I was a baby myself. Fierce, frisky and a wild child I thought of pregnancy as an unfortunate side effect that could strike down even the bravest and boldest of us Generation Y-ers. Very similar to how I might accidentally ding my rearview taillight while reversing in the high school parking lot post-track meet. I was cavalier to such a point that my blasé approach to conception-free sex was how I thought the biological system worked. I figured that the world was made for enjoyment and playfulness. At least that’s how my petri-dish, microcosm snapshot of life appeared. My existence was filled with young love, laughter and exploration. This was compounded by my rapidly maturing body and an immature teenage frontal lobe.

Why is Cosmos Tree’s Focus on Our Learning Responsibility? And Why is Responsibility so much FUN?

Roger B. Lane, Ph.D., the Founder and Director of Cosmos Tree, teaches Responsibility. It is defined by Dr. Lane as “The ability to respond to the Spirit we are.” That means focusing into Spirit/Being Present by doing just That. And, as this writer has discovered after many years of study with Dr. Lane, Responsibility equals Freedom.

Dr. Lane, through Cosmos Tree, teaches that we are Responsible for our creations. And that creation away from Spirit is karma. This means we are Powerful! We have the Power to create positively by Co-creating with Spirit and by Trusting, Allowing and Receiving, both as taught by Dr. Lane. And from that Place of Spirit living exactly What Dr. Lane teaches, including giving mySelf the life I want; Neutrality; Self-Acceptance; Gratitude; Forgiveness; Loving mySelf and, most important, Knowing I’m Inherently Worthy and re-enforcing That Re-cognition. So “the best thing you can do for anyone,” as Dr. Lane states in a Talk by the same name, is focus into Spirit, live as the Spirit you are.

This writer has discovered that Responsibility is a Learning; and It is One we need to give ourselves NOW. Cosmos Tree, under Dr. Lane, stands out in teaching Responsibility; and in teaching It the way It needs to be taught, which is as an inner focus that is kept moment-to-moment through Eternal Vigilance. That Vigilance is the effort I make to be On Point by keeping my Inner Environment Clear.

I’m in Process on Responsibility. I have Learned It and continue to practice and perfect being Responsible by using the many Responsibility Tools that Cosmos Tree offers, chief among them regular attendance at Meditations Of The Light Of The Most High at the New York City Home Center.

It’s worth a trip, dear readers, to be in the Presence of Dr. Lane! Once you’ve attended One, you are given what you need to practice at home. Meditation as taught by Dr. Lane equals Learning to focus into the Spirit you are.

The Money Workbook is also key as a Tool. Pick It up; turn a page; and Wow! There’s another brilliant Writing by Dr. Lane – a Learning, really – about Responsibility. I recommend “working” this Book as the 30-Day Program that It is at least once, then feel free to read individual sections or Chapters on Responsibility.

I love the following: Early on in the Book, Dr. Lane writes: “If we can create illness, we can create health. If we can create poverty, we can create wealth. If we can create failure, we can create success.” We are that Powerful and that Magnificent and that Responsible for using the Positive Power we are by creating Positively. All of this Learning pours forth fromThe Money Workbook! What more is there, really?

Then there is the equally brilliant Chapter on “Visualization and Programming” – creating the life you want literally by co-creating with Spirit. Dr. Lane writes: “Knowing that we are responsible for the world we live in and that we create it, how can we create it to our advantage and to that of others?”

And again, in a Chapter titled “Who Is Responsible For Our Creations?” Dr. Lane writes: “Knowing that you and only you are responsible for each and every one of your creations, choosing responsibly becomes the only intelligent action.”

Two more beautiful Responsibility Tools are Tools For Living Free Numbers 12 and 13 titled “Taking Responsibility: Tag You’re It”, Parts I and II respectively. Dr. Lane states in #12: “So part of our Responsibility is to give ourselves the best, to love ourselves despite our own feelings and to put them aside and to just allow the Truth and to just receive the Love that’s there.” Dr. Lane continues: “Meditation is a nice way to sit in that Love and nurture It … .”

Dr. Lane teaches many important Classes, all of Them about our Responsibility to know ourselves. None more crucial for newcomers – and regulars, too! – than Everyday Evolution I. And check periodically the cosmostree.org Classes page and give This to yourself the next time It is offered. You’ll Learn the importance of educating the part of you that brings forward your karmic patterns to the Clear Flow of Spirit.

So live Responsibility by following Dr. Lane’s Teachings – and by using the many Offerings available at Cosmos Tree. Watch what happens “out there” when you are Responsible “in there”! That’s where the FUN is; where the Joy is; where the Peace is. It’s in your Power as Spirit.

If you are interested in learning more about the Spiritual Path that Dr. Lane brings forward, please visit www.spiritcentral.org or email info@spiritcentral.org

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How To Find Love: Love From A Spiritual Perspective

You entertain the question mark inside you that punctuates, “How do I find love?” Maybe the latest dating app will offer a new forte of handsome suitors and amid that dapper crowd one single, perfect gentleman will sweep you off your feet. Maybe there’s a cute surfer boy living next door whose path you’ve never crossed before on his early morning barefoot walk down to the beach. Maybe the crush you had on a co-worker will come to sweet, suit and pocket square fruition when the autumn leaves start to turn.

Maybe so. Maybe not. In the meantime that whole situation involves a lot of wanting, yearning and placing the love outside of yourself, dependent on another person. I’ve been there. To a certain degree. Only when I’m down-and-out, which lasts a maximum of 20-minutes before I quickly sweep the submerged bits and pieces of myself up off the floor and set myself straight with a little update of the reality of the situation. And the reality is always the same. The reality is always Love. That there is a deep well of Love inside of me that already exists regardless of outer situation. It is inside all of us.

That Love is all-encompassing, irreplaceable, incandescent and irresistible, as my beloved Meditation Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane, says. Love is with me every moment. It is with me in every mili-moment and everything in between. And it’s been here all along. And it is with you too. So here’s my invitation. Move off the looking outside for the love. Looking at the café’s roundabout of people in the mid-morning sun for the man of your dreams. Scanning the airport’s periphery while heading to your gate for the eye-catching of a transatlantic James Bond. It’s so darn easy to have it become a project. To ever-more be a lady in waiting for the right fellow. Waiting and waiting and waiting.

What are we waiting for? Really. For another person to say that we’re adored? It is placing a lot of weight on someone else, with all their flaws and glory, to choose us. The other thing is that it rests squarely on the lie of pretending we’re empty and we need to be filled up. It also balances on the fulcrum of our thinking that we’re not already Loved. That’s the lie we tell ourselves.

Yet this is the micro for the macro of the human condition. It’s not a female storyline or a single person tragedy. We all do it in our own ways with our own cast of characters. If we knew how Loved we already are we’d not even be called to play these empty games of measuring our self-worth by other people’s responses, by how much money we have in the bank, by the degrees we have achieved and more. The truth is that the most immense Love you could ever imagine lives within you, as you. As Dr. Lane Teaches, the Soul inside of you is the same “material” as God. You are a Soul. And the Soul is the same as the Spirit that is God. You are That. You are Spirit. So why on earth would you look for love? It’s like being on a treasure hunt when you are the treasure. The greatest gift and Love you could ever imagine already lives inside of you!

To come to know this through a very natural Process called Initiation into The Sound Current on The Path of Soul Transcendence. By this Process the Soul in you is sparked Awake by the Sound Current Master who brings The Teachings of the Path of Soul Transcendence and you continue to unravel the gift by giving it to yourSelf through doing the Meditation Taught at the time of Initiation. It is simple and natural. It is how the Soul inside of you is Awakened and the inherent Love starts to flow.

When you live in Love then the dating, the career achievements, family relationships, business deals, being a parent, landscaping, playing sports, dinner out, going for your Ph.D. and all the things of this world are Opportunities to Lift and Grow. There are here for our enjoyment. Dating becomes the enjoyment of the company of your man. Additionally, you learn to rise above the rollercoaster of thoughts and feelings and become no longer identified with them and you are no longer at their mercy. You are God-Centered and there is so much Joy there. It is staying within yourself regardless of outer circumstances and you live in the expression of this Love. There is gratitude, kindness to others and yourSelf, there is deep peace and you harness your intrinsic joy. It is Freedom and, from here, you simply enjoy the life God has given you.

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Need to change a Habit or Habits 1-2-3? Work It Spiritually!

At Cosmos Tree, “learning to change behavior patterns that no longer work for you” is at the core of Its most popular Class. Called Everyday Evolution, the Class is taught by Cosmos Tree Founder/Director Dr. Lane. Dr. Lane has also stated that when individuals come to Dr. Lane for help in their lives, which is often, the remedy frequently comes down to a simple behavioral change.

Here’s a 9-step program to help you do that:

1. Live The Truth. As Dr. Lane explains in the Spiritual Learning Series Understanding The Spirit You Are (Video/DVD #7) and Tools For Living Free (TFLF) #34, if it is your truth that, for example, you need to lose weight or exercise more, you need to stay in your truth.

2. Accept. As Dr. Lane further teaches in The Money Workbook and in TFLF #3, accepting a situation makes it easier to change. That means being neutral.

3. Choose. Dr. Lane teaches that The Power of Choice is the Real Power! Choose to allow a new focus/habit.

4. Put your new focus into the Light Of The Most High For the Highest Good and ask the Lord, God to Bless it like this: “Lord, God, send me Your Light! Lord, God, for the Highest Good please place [fill in – for example, my exercising daily] into Your Light for the Highest Good! And Lord, God please Bless This!” As Dr. Lane states in TFLF #40, follow through on anything that now comes forward. Listen to yourself.

5. Use the Two-Part Release Technique like this: “Lord, God send me Your Light! Lord, God, for the Highest Good please take anything that stands between me and [for example – exercising daily]” Tell yourself “(your name) It’s OK to let it go!”

6. Let Go, Let God! When you work with the Light Of The Most High you need to Allow and Allow some more. That means Let the Lord, God supply you; be Open and Receive! No “chewing” or “thinking” or “figuring it out”!

7. Do Self-talk. In the Everyday Evolution Class, Dr. Lane teaches that there can be no change without working with/educating our basic selves/the lower self that brings forward your karmic patterns (the habitual patterns that keep you going in circles). This Class is a MUST! For now, though, do direct your basic selves like this: “Lord, God, send me Your Light! Basics, come present! I need your cooperation and energy to [fill in – for example, exercise every day now!]. Thank you and keep up the good work with this!” Give them direction continually, for example, each day before you exercise.

8. Focus into the Positive. As Dr. Lane also teaches in Understanding The Spirit You Are, if you are choosing to stop smoking, focus on breathing better, feeling better, etc. instead of on “not smoking”/stopping smoking.” Do the same with your new focus/habit.

9. As Tools For Living Free #40 states, “Use Internal Reference Points.” Just because everyone is telling you that it takes 21 days to change a habit or that you need to change one at a time instead of 10 at a time, doesn’t mean that’s so. As Dr. Lane writes, “Everyone is different; go by your own inner reference points.”

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The Truth About Holiday Stress – and What You Can Do About It!

As the holidays approach I am starting to have those familiar warm and happy feelings about my life and my family. I picture myself celebrating with loved ones, wearing a cozy knitted sweater, opening gifts, baking fun new recipes and sipping peppermint hot cocoa while listening to holiday-infused jazz. Something about thinking of the”future” is comforting. I do so especially towards the end of the summer when I need to cope with the imminent change of temperature and choose to focus on the “happy things” that happen during the winter. I also have done it out of habit. My mind is just used to doing that. This reminds me of something the Founder and Director of Cosmos Tree, Dr. Roger B. Lane, talks about in The Money Workbook: that we are so habituated in living in the “future” that we don’t enjoy it when it finally arrives because we have moved onto the next thing in the “future”.

For me, the feeling of comfort in thinking of the “future” is that I do not have to deal with the feelings and thoughts that I sometimes experience when I am in the situation; when that holiday I’ve pictured arrives. Staring into the “future”, I can just sit and watch from a distance the version of myself that does not react to others; where no emotions cloud my inner environment. In the actual holiday I react to my family and their moods; I do not love the knitted sweater I wear; I dread the ceremony of opening gifts because it is never a surprise (everyone specifically asked for what they get) and it also seems to take forever; I never have enough time to actually enjoy baking; I get stomach aches from anything “fun” to drink; and the music, well, that may be the one thing I truly enjoy but even that gets tiring after a while. Maybe it is just hard to be me or maybe this is a universal experience but, whatever it is, I know I have let my environment affect me deeply. My intention is always to get along with everyone and share the love I feel for them but somehow, when in contact with others, I feel almost as if static interferes with my frequency. I feel like a radio in the presence of an intrusive satellite and my stations start to flip and flop, possessed. Only now I have come to know that this experience is not quite unique to me. It affects all of us on some level.

In family therapy it is known that an entire family can have an unperceived negative dynamic where only one member is symptomatic. In other words, it may be a problem for all family members but only one person actually exhibits that problem or its effects. In my family that person was always I. Suddenly, during the holidays I would have lower back pain; random allergy reactions; mild depression; anxiety; or anything that urged me to remove myself from family gatherings for periods of time. I have even experienced behaving differently, letting other people’s personality influence my own. The challenging thing is that I love being around people, and in those situations when I am affected by other people’s “energy” I find myself battling an inexplicable need for space and quiet.

Years passed before I learned the simple things I could do in those situations because I am especially sensitive to people’s “energy” despite how much I enjoy their company. Yes, I am not all “positive vibes” myself, and I am responsible for my reactions, but I used to constantly blame myself for what I experienced around people. I always thought I was being “dramatic” or “just anxious” (and other people did too!) But I need to share honestly here because I have seen other people struggle with similar experiences and, like me, they can be pretty hard on themselves because they do not understand the nature of this phenomena. For instance, my co-worker recently shared with me that she has been having difficulty working at the psychiatric hospital where we work together. She couldn’t explain why the environment seems to be affecting her. I shared with her what I learned through Meditation and my studies with Dr. Lane and that is that we are not just a sack of flesh and bones. We are the Soul within that animates us; and Souls are transmitters and we tend to dismiss this because our minds cannot understand it. We have experiences that go beyond what our minds can grasp and we treat them as if they don’t exist rather than simply accepting that we may just not understand them with our minds.

We affect one another and sometimes can “feel” one another not because we are “connected” as some people say, but because all Souls are the same Spirit. We have different physical bodies and at this lower level even the Soul seems separate from other Souls but all Souls that are seemingly “here” or “there” are One and the Same, according to the Teachings that Dr. Lane brings forth. So our inner environment affects others and when we insist on our negativity, for example, it does not only affect ourselves but everyone else as well; and some of us will be more conscious than others of the effects of such negativity but whether we know it consciously or not, we are affected and we are responsible for what we do about this.


What can help with our reactions to others?


  • Second, we  also practice acceptance: We need to accept our reactions and accept others. Acceptance, in fact, takes care of the compulsive need to focus into the “future”, as I was doing before with the holidays, or the past. Being present is essential to being with the Spirit within, Which is who we are, and we cannot be present without accepting ourselves, as explained in the Money Workbook.


  • Third, we practice Gratitude for the learning that that person or situation is helping to bring forth. So rather than resent someone and their negativity, we move into gratitude for that person’s helping to bring forth the opportunity to let go of attachments (our reaction to whatever others bring forth).

Following is a process that is very helpful and can be done as soon as you open your eyes in the morning:

Call in The Light of the Most High by saying:

“For the Highest Good, Lord, God, please send me Your Light!

Please Lord, God, place the Christed Light within me, surrounding me and between me and any negativity! And burn a Purple Candle in my solar plexus! Thank you.”

And with that I’ll leave you to celebrate the holidays and even celebrate going to work the next day!

Happy Holidays!

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Old Love

It is almost embarrassing to fall in love as I approach 40 years of age. We’re grown ups and yet these days our eyes see color more vividly; words from each other’s lips have a deep meaning and impact in our swelling hearts; we lounge with greater gratitude for the moments in repose together and relish in every breath that the other takes. Turns out it was more than a summer romance and being in love can indeed make the most modest of beds feel palatial by virtue of being nestled in each other’s arms. Falling in love makes ordinary sighs, kisses and nuzzles feel like brushes with heaven’s own Aphrodite.

We’ve both experienced many streams of life already. It almost feels like we should have tapped out a few historic relationships ago and just made peace with the leftovers; that which remained after the winnings were collected and the dealers went home. I’ve thought this deep well of kindness, delight and easy rapport with a man wasn’t in the cards for me. A beautiful home, sure. And being a mother, absolutely. Awesome trips and hot-dates bachelors, why not? But real love for a man whom I am enamoured with and who cherishes me? I had my doubts. In the absence of this dream having not yet coming true, my no plan plan was to simply get on with my robust life and be a muse to myself, amusing myself along the way. Pretty good deal.

Yet the poppy seed-sized wish for romantic love and sweet partnership embedded in the smooth tissue of my heart began to flourish. Slowly, steadily and quite unnoticed, the roots took delicate shape around my body’s biggest involuntary muscle and without an announcement the flowers opened their delicate petals to reveal the bull’s-eye center of a wish granted. And there he was – bringing a smile to my face and a large laugh to my happy belly, hugging my little body close, protecting us with all he thinks and does and all he asks for is me to enjoy the delightful ride. So here we are, as adults, back at square one of child-like wonderment, sophomoric silliness in-love-drunkenness. You can grasp why I say this sweet nectar of adoring love between us is ever so slightly embarrassing.

The interesting piece of this equation is the very je ne sais quoi of why it works. And why now? Why the lover’s puzzle pieces snap their way into interlocking, perfect union this time around, though we’ve both had a hearty spin of Cupid’s wheel in our previous romantic incarnations. I rested in this question and keep circling back to the only answer of worth.

Something about this love is familiar. I’ve tasted it before. And the yearning for that sweetness has led the charted course of my life to exactly this moment, this late night, this revelation and this sweet note. There is more to this story than just the two of us devoted sweethearts in it. There is the One.

That Oneness is the pulse of all Love on the planet. Even just a hint of that manifesting as a micro in our tender relationship is enough to fuel rocket ships and satiate million man marches. The One is the origin of all things. The One is the ceaseless Love that is Spirit alive in the world, inside each of us. Oneness is comprised simply of Love.

The Love is ancient and It is all that there really is, when you burn off the fat of karma and reincarnational patterns. It is most certainly older than my heaven-sent boyfriend and my age combined! Yet our love affair is very deeply steeped in this Love because I, as a student of Dr. Lane’s, am constantly Attuning and re-Attuning to this high Frequency and filling my cup with this Love through the Mediation Of The Light Of The Most High that Dr. Lane Teaches. This flow is within me and from this place I’m involved in a deeply loving relationship; unattached and unabashed to be mySelf. I am Free to fully be Free.

I walk through the world just like everyone else and enjoy the same pleasures only more so because I’m free inside myself to be in the fullness of what is. At each-and-every moment. It is similar to being on vacation yet in my hometown. At home inside myself and with deep, ever-replenishing gratitude, endless Love and no need to even fuss with international exchange rates.

This way of living is free. Regardless of my age, stage or stats because all that matters is the ever-increasing Frequencies of Love inside myself. That’s the real joy – living in the vast, constantly-sourced tide of unfettered adoration within me. From that place I move in the world and I relate to my endearing beau, enjoying our magical mystery tour thoroughly. I relish in the strong current and tender warmth of manna from heaven that lives alive and bright inside of me, as me.

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Thanksgiving Gratitude

As a child, I remember the holidays being magical. There was the turkey; pumpkin pie; fancy dresses; loads of relatives; eating, eating and eating! As an adult, my experience of the holidays has been not that magical. There’s the turkey (to cook!); the pumpkin pie (calories!); dressing my own squirming children in fancy clothes (so many tiny buttons!); loads of relatives (making a mess at my house!) and all that eating, eating and more eating!

Last year my husband and I hosted Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve…for a plethora of family members ranging from a 1-year-old to a 90-year-old. The amount of food I prepared, served, and cleaned up, was staggering. While I hosted, I also cared for my three young children who were hyped up on excitement, sugar, late bedtimes, and way too many presents.

Did I feel stress? Of course I did! But through my work with Dr. Lane and Cosmos Tree I know what stress really is. Dr. Lane teaches that stress is when we go outside of ourselves and lose our Focus on the Spirit that we are. Because stress is a state that we place ourselves in, we have control over it and can Focus into Spirit if we choose. In other words, we have the power to be stress-free.

Cosmos Tree offers many Tools that assist in keeping a Focus on the Spirit that you are and on re-gaining your power to be free – stress-free, worry-free, anger-free, etc. I choose to use these Tools at the holidays and throughout the year to help me be the best I can be – even under circumstances that look extremely hectic to the outside world.

One such Tool that I use every Thanksgiving, is the Meditation Of Gratitude. It is available in-person at the Home Center in NYC and via teleconference for those that live 50 miles or more from the Center. It is, by far, my favorite part of Thanksgiving and I treasure the experience each year. Amidst the chaos of Thanksgiving morning – the baking and chopping, cleaning and organizing – it is approximately 20 minutes of time I give to mySelf to sit quietly while Dr. Lane’s voice guides me on a journey of deep appreciation of all that is in my life.

As Dr. Lane says in the life-altering book, The Money Workbook, “Being in gratitude means one is deeply appreciative of what one already has.” On Thanksgiving, I love to experience Gratitude fully, as a way to remind myself what the holidays are really about and to be Present with the Spirit I am.

To learn more about the Meditation Of Gratitude, and Its amazing benefits, I Lovingly encourage you to read the Cosmos Tree blog post “Meditation Of Gratitude” and to join us this Thanksgiving for the Meditation Of Gratitude hosted at the NYC Home Center. For those wishing to call-in via teleconference, please email info@cosmostree.org for complete details.

I’ll be calling in from the hotel room near my brother’s out-of-state home. We’ll be spending Thanksgiving with him and his family this year.

I hear he makes a delicious turkey dinner…

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Want to Know How to Really Celebrate Thanksgiving? Listen to the Meditation Of Gratitude!

For many people, the holiday of Thanksgiving has to do with saying “thank you” or “giving thanks.” But as a longtime Student of Dr. Lane, the Founder and Director of Cosmos Tree, I know that it is really Gratitude that is one of the most important Teachings that Dr. Lane brings forward. It is One that I have studied for years and that I Know to be Key to living in Peace and in Joy each and every moment.

Gratitude is the Focus of Thanksgiving at Cosmos Tree, Which each Thanksgiving day offers a special Meditation of Gratitude at noon at the New York City Home Center, Which is also available via teleconference around the country and outside of it. This Offering is very popular. Do give this to yourSelf by attending in person and/or by calling in! 

Gratitude is one of the most important Spiritual Realities. And, when practiced properly, It is a doorway to Joy, to Peace and to being in the Present moment. In other words, Gratitude as It’s meant to be practiced is extremely important. Listening to the CD or MP3 of the Meditation Of Gratitude on a regular basis can do more to change your life than anything else you are doing right now.

So how do you live in Gratitude, in real Gratitude? One of the best ways, as this frequent Participant and Meditation Of Gratitude Host has discovered, is to listen to this important Guided Meditation – and then listen again and again – as often as you need to “to be in Gratitude,” as the Meditation’s Creator, Roger B. Lane, Cosmos Tree’s Founder and Director, clearly states in the Meditation Itself.

So what does “to be in Gratitude” mean? First, via this Powerful Meditation, Gratitude is “experiential”; in other words, you need to “experience” It and you may experience It in a different way from the way this Participant does. But in a nutshell, this Meditation takes you, the listener, to a place “inside” yourSelf where you can have the Direct Experience of Gratitude.

The first time this Host did the Meditation, she had the experience of being Grateful to everyone for everything, a powerful realization of just how many people and how many actions they’ve taken – literally boundless numbers of them virtually impossible to fully recollect – there indeed are to be in Gratitude. For example, for the newsstand owner who hands me the paper each day; the individuals who make the paper; the many who run the presses; those who drive the trucks; so many that Gratitude was spilling out “inside” for hours upon hours after having listened to the Meditation of Gratitude.

The experience was one of being Grateful for everything – i.e., for the dollars I do have; for the health I do have; for the Love I do have. In the mere 20 minutes it took to listen to the CD, I was “moved” – the experience is really a Flow – into Love.

That very experience was also one of Acceptance. After listening for a while, I found myself wondering, am I accepting all that is here for me? The job and the job hunt? The business situation that, up until now, felt “difficult”? The “workload” that, up until now, felt “overwhelming”? The love I do have in my life? The food I do have on the table! The home I live in!

And then to be “moved” into Gratitude for the life I am living now, really for the Gift of this Life. As Dr. Lane says at the end of this Meditation: “be grateful for the place that you’re in now!”

If you listen often enough, this Meditation can be your best friend when it comes to “living in the Present moment” – not as buzzword, not as lip service – but as a Spiritual Reality. As Dr. Lane has written in The Money Workbook, another Powerful Tool to use to learn to live in Gratitude: “To be in gratitude is to live in true Abundance Consciousness.” And, as Dr. Lane has also explained to His many Students, Abundance Consciousness is placing your Consciousness at God, which is One and the Same as being Present with the Spirit you are.

The Meditation of Gratitude also helps you know “inwardly” that the Source of Supply is the Spirit you are. Listen and listen again and you understand, as in “standing under” yourSelf, as Dr. Lane explains, that you are Loved. And that we are all One. And that Gratitude is a Reality that is “inside of you” –for all that you are. Open that “inner door” to Gratitude and deep Appreciation follows. As Dr. Lane writes in The Money Workbook, “Being in gratitude means one is deeply appreciate of what one already has.”

It’s that simple. And that incredible. And all in 20 minutes or so each time.

But here’s the “rub”: it is up to you to access It. Up to you to choose to listen to the Meditation Of Gratitude – and to do so as often as you need to to be in Gratitude, as Dr. Lane states. And that is each and every moment. So listen often.

The Meditation Of Gratitude is available by going to cosmostree.org.

If you would like to share your experiences of Gratitude after listening to this Meditation, please do so by emailing mhwb@cosmostree.org.

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Meditation Celebration

It’s not the most packed house in the city. This Meditation Center – but it will be. Hearts are opening by the moment and love cannot help guiding us exactly where we’re meant to be.

The Meditation Of The Light Of The Most High satisfies, replenishes, heals, renews and gives perfect attunement.

And yet many turn away from the invitation. “I have a frightful situation with my husband. We are really on the rocks and I don’t think he would like me taking time for myself.” “Things are insane at work. I have to stay late indefinitely.” “My kids are so demanding of my time. There is nothing left for me.” “I know,” I say, “Come anyway! Come with concerns and your burdens! Just trust me! Better yet, trust yourself, your heart! You are greatly, greatly loved and you got this. Meditation helps you know that.”

The thing they don’t know – until they do –that Meditation strengthens the part of themselves that resides in, “Everything is okay,” and, in turn, it makes things okay. It’s true. When you anchor your life with a committed Meditation practice what you are doing is giving yourself devotion to the Soul within you and the things of the world handle themselves. Effortlessly. Yes, to buy my new, dream home I still may need to go sign the escrow documents; however, the Grace of having a strong Spiritual Practice allows things to happen easily for me. For instance, my ideal, brand new home is shown to me before it even goes on the market and has a motivated developer selling it. The perfect boyfriend for me shows up at my doorstep, literally, without my even inviting him over or knowing him until he knocks on the door. My grass hut bungalow in Bora Bora is upgraded to a thatched roof suite on stilts over the aqua water. This is a magic show.

When I really step back and absorb how utterly cared for I am it is mind-blowing. The gifts that have come into my life, and continue to, every day leave me speechless. Mind blown. That’s why I’m attempting to paint a picture of the immense, infinite Love and wonderment that comes with Meditation. Its Gifts don’t stop when the timer goes off. They’ve just begun.

It is the great democracy – you need nothing; you come with everything already inside of you and when you sit to Meditate you simply allow that which is your true Essence to well-up from within you and eclipse the mundane, the minutia you with the expansive and utterly true infinite you. The beauty is that through this natural process you Lift above your thoughts and feelings that are the pain of separation from the Spirit you are. There is real peace within yourself. You discover that you’re joyful, feel free and are light. You are still yourself but kinder, easier to forgive, grateful for all you have, an interested student of life and a calm presence wherever you go. It is delightful and all because of Meditation.

This fine art form has been here since the beginning and you are perfectly suited right now, with all your perceived imperfections. Start right now! And now! And now! And now! All these moments are here for you. It’s your choice. There’s no pressure. Love is patient, love is kind. Love does not abide by time.

Meditation is the highest form of self Love. Trust me, I’ve tried it all. I have been around more blocks than I can tally. Popped down side streets and took the short cut across alleys. What I’ve found is that there is no substitute for this. And why would you want a substitute anyway?

The real Teacher is holding court; gently waiting for you to take off your heavy jacket and make yourself at home inside yourself. Get used to the spaciousness! Get accustomed to being taken care of! Make friends with the exuberantly bursting and ever-replenishing fireworks inside. You’re going to become one with the celebration and soon realize that it is all you ever were and all you’ll ever be.

And the most you could ever ask for.

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How To Rebirth In Any Moment

I want to let you in on a secret.

There’s a very simple Spiritual process available that allows one to Rebirth in any moment.

Rebirthing means being Free from past reference points, experiences and negativity.

It equals a fresh start, a new beginning.

When you’ve Re-birthed it means you’re not bound to the past or things outside yourSelf, be they material or energetic because you’ve Accepted yourSelf fully, which, in turn, allows you to move on.

The thing is, Rebirthing is not easy for most to do.

“Why is that?” you ask.

It’s because it requires that one move into a place of Surrender.

Most who come from a Western perspective equate Surrender with defeat or weakness.

This couldn’t be anything further from the Truth!

Rebirthing takes Courage and for you to be Honest with yourSelf first and foremost.

What does this involve?

First… a Choice to get out of your own way; to Let Go and Let God/Spirit.

Surrender happens when you Trust, Allow and Receive even if you don’t know what’s going to happen next.

More on this…

Trust that you’re safe.

Allow Spirit to take any fear, doubt, pain or separation you may have been running and tell yourSelf it’s OK to let it go. This is done with a simple yet precise process detailed below.

A big benefit is that you then Receive that which you seek! Presence. Peace. Wellbeing.

“OK”, you might be saying to yourself, “this sounds great and everything… but what’s the key to it all? And what’s the step-by-step process to get me there?”

The great news is that it’s very attainable!

And it’s more than worth the effort.

So… here’s what the Key is… FORGIVENESS!

Recall what I shared about how Surrendering can be portrayed as something that implies powerlessness and giving up when in reality it is the opposite?

The same applies with Forgiveness. Forgiveness is an extremely Powerful Act!

Here’s how it’s done (and where the Honesty and Courage comes in)!

Identify a judgement you’ve placed on yourSelf or another. (Note: A judgement placed on another is an indication that there’s something you’re judging and/or not accepting within yourSelf. It then follows that all acts of Forgiveness are truly acts of Self-Forgiveness).

1. Call in the Light of the Most High by saying: “Lord, God, for the Highest Good send me your Light”.

2. Ask Spirit to take any judgments and negativity you may be holding against yourSelf and others by telling yourSelf, “(your name), it’s OK to let this go and to release this and allow Spirit to move on this now.

4. Allow yourSelf to Receive the Truth that you are met by Spirit, that you are Sourced by Spirit and that you are Spirit.

Know that there may be nothing else to do “out there” but to practice this process whenever judgements arise.

Know that you are Rebirthed by doing it as often as needed, in any moment!

Trust that you are Guided by Spirit.

I end with lyrics from a song about Forgiveness I wrote called “What It Takes”.

A place of Forgiveness is a place of Power
Now is the time, this is the hour
Never too late to enter Blessed States
The Choice is yours, Choose into Grace

Come into Forgiveness, Spirit as your Witness
Release, Surrender negativity
Tell yourSelf it’s OK to let it go
Judgements drift away and now you know
Yes you’re OK you’ve entered the Flow

Given the state of humanity
One can get caught up in brutality
Repeat offenders even to ourSelves
What’s the Solution, how can we Heal?

Come into Forgiveness, Spirit as your Witness
Release, Surrender negativity
Tell yourSelf it’s OK to let it go
Judgements drift away and now you know
Yes you’re OK you’ve entered the Flow

Ho’oponopono is where it’s at
A way to Peace
A Loving way back
To Center in Aloha is what we need
Let go of illusion and take heed

Come into Forgiveness, Spirit as your Witness
Release, Surrender negativity
Tell yourSelf it’s OK to let it go
Judgements drift away and now you know
Yes you’re OK you’ve entered the Flow

That’s what it takes for Peace, you see…
That’s what it takes for Peace, you see.
That’s what it takes for Peace, you see…
That’s what it takes for Peace, you see.

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And as my Teacher and Cosmos Tree, Inc. Founder/Director Dr. Roger B. Lane, says: “It really is that simple!”

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