When I first met Dr. Lane, My Teacher, I recall saying something about my age, which was 46. And I’ll always remember My Teacher’s response: “There’s no such thing as aging!”

I Know inwardly that this is so because I Know we’re Spirit. As My Teacher has Taught me, anything other than focusing into Spirit/identifying mySelf as That is false identification. That includes identifying with the body, with the physical.

As Dr. Lane has also Taught me, we’re all wearing the same thing: a body and that that body goes into the ground. The Spirit I am is Eternal. That’s Who I am; That’s Who we are. And we’re here to come to Know ourSelves as That. That’s It, folks!

I chose to write this blog after an experience I recently had. I was getting my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine at a local pharmacy. After I received the shot, I was told to sit outside the room in a waiting area for 15 minutes to make sure all was OK before I could leave.

As I walked towards this waiting area, the people there started waving at me. At first I kind of wondered what are they waving for? Then I realized that they were just “welcoming” me into this small group of people who had gathered post- and pre-shot.

Kind of like a little vaccine club.

So we chatted about the shot and one person suggested that I may want to wave my arms around to prevent the stiffness that can result from it. Then she raised her arms way up and started swinging them around, almost like an arm-driven wave dance. And she just kept swinging them and waving them from side to side to show me what she believed was best for me.

I raised my arms and swung them, too.

Then, later on, I realized something. That this small “get together” – and a similar one that had taken place after my first shot – was the first time other than in nursing homes that I had actually seen and been in the company of older people like this, chatting, smiling, advising each other, too. It was happening because the shot was being given at that time only to people over 65, mySelf included.

Boy! was it fun.

That woman waving her arms – I knew outwardly that she was what we call in this world “old”. But the experience I had inwardly was age-free. It was one of fun, of being with a Soul. Yes, I knew outwardly she was likely in her 90s and, perhaps, beyond that; and her arms were a mass of wrinkles and they were super-thin. It was as if that information registered someplace off in the distance and had no real effect on me.

I Know we’re One Spirit. I know that the physical is an Opportunity to Lift and to Grow – the so-called “aging process” included. It’s part of God’s Plan, too. As My Teacher also Teaches, it’s no accident that one person is born this way and another that way. It’s all Love to help us move into that Oneness, Where we all in Reality live. And Where there is no such thing as aging.

I believe that it was no mistake that they kept waving at me. And waving at me.

On some level, I believe, they knew we were somehow in this life together as One. That this was a judgment-free zone. As an Initiate Of The Sound Current, I know that when I am Present/living as the Spirit I am, “others” pick up on It somehow.

It’s no accident, of course, that My Teacher Teaches that the best thing we Initiates can do for anyone is to be ourSelf.

This reminds me of something else: for eleven years I was given the Honor and the Blessing of being of Loving Service by hosting the Magnificent Meditation For Health And Well-Being that is brought forward by Dr. Lane at nursing homes.

It was in doing that that I fell in love with “old people”. Yes, we are One Spirit; and, as the Spirit I am, I recognize their wisdom; their vast experience; and, as I’ve shared with other people at these homes who also love “old people” what I believe is their ability to let go. So much had been given to them situation-wise – death of a loved one, often many times over; family stuff including children in jail or addicted to drugs; illness, you name it – that they had decided at some point(s) to start to let go and to let go some more.

That was, I realize now, the foundation for the wisdom.

And yes, the only person I’ve ever trusted outside of Dr. Lane, My Teacher, was the aunt of someone I was dating at the time. I trusted her with anything I had to say, no matter how “private.” She was wise; she had common sense.

And, yes, outwardly, she was 96 and bed-bound. And, she just kept going even though she was losing her ability to move at all. Wow! She was to me amazing.

At first she expressed dismay at “living this long” then she moved into acceptance of her situation.

As a Soul I Know from My Teacher that like all Souls (with very rare exceptions) she was here on this planet to get her Learning. Yes, she will return for future embodiments until the Soul that was in the body that was this magnificent person chooses to use an embodiment for Its Purpose, Which is to come to Know ourSelves as Spirit, as Soul, Which is Who and What we are, period.

This Opportunity to come to Know ourSelves is a rare and Precious One and It is here on this planet now through the Priceless Gift of Initiation Into The Sound Current. As My Teacher, the Sound Current Master Bringing Forth this Gift, Teaches, you never know when this Opportunity will come again!

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What is this magical, seemingly disaster-full, masterful jungle of experiences that we call life?  Why are we here and how do we make it easy?  Is there a short cut through the wilds? Sometimes life with all its complications feels like an uphill route through thick overgrowth with a machete and desperately sweating hope as our only weapons. 

We want so many things from life.  Compulsions and drive from within well up, the “I want…” “I am…” “I need…”, and we lose the magical wonder of our Eden surroundings to wanderlust, desire, self-defamation and discontent.  We are part of the jungle and our animal instincts make us go where we go, do what we do and with who we do it.  However, unlike our pulsing animal instincts and animal counterparts there is something within us each that is waiting to be discovered and uncovered – something that “saves” us from the ceaseless strikes deeper into the jungle of confusion and elevates us into the perfectness of the now.  The discovery of this is the True Treasure.  And the exploration is within.  A tale as old as time, a Path laid out by the hand of The Creator Himself, and a story far beyond the pages of The Jungle Book; this is the greatest journey of the universe.  The One within

What I’m speaking of is the expedition of coming to know that we are Soul. 

That is the answer to every question.  That is the explanation for this untamed jungle of a place called planet earth and the even the fantastic world of thoughts and feelings that lives inside of each and every one of us.  All of our experiences here, inside and out, are given to us by God; and if you prefer a nonconventional name for the Great Over-Soul, then Spirit, the Supreme Being, the Universe or the Infinite.  All for us to come to know ourSelves, through direct experience, as Souls.

So how are we – mired in the jungle of life, with all its predators and booby traps – meant to come to know this?  It is simple.  All we have to do is take Initiation into The Sound Current as brought forward as The Path Of Soul Transcendence and then follow the Spiritual Instruction exactly as laid out.  By doing so we start the grande exploration of life by having ourSelves unfolded, moment-by-moment, step-by-step, experience-by-experience, exploration-by-exploration, and living life from a Spiritual Perspective.

My Beloved Meditation Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane, says in the Tools For Living Free entitled ‘Our True Nature’, “And the real Inner Truth is just That; is That you are the Lord, God. It’s within you.  OK. And there’s no way anybody is going to get away with that simple fact. And when I say ‘anybody’ – you’re in the body to honor that Truth and the Soul takes Its Journey in these environments and uses body after body after body till It knows That. …”

This wild world is a classroom. All of life is a presentation, a gift to receive the Soul’s specific and elegant Learning.  If you elect into this invitation to stop wondering what it is all about and live what it is truly all about, well then, you’re using it for what it’s really all about.  Living as Soul.  Henceforth, your graceful life in the jungle’s kooky wilderness and your inner environment of your bananas feelings and thoughts are what you springboard from… and land in the cradle of the Spirit That you are

Then you are living as a Human with a body of earth, salt, water and land – a primal creature – but you are living as the real you – the Soul-in you as you.  You are living the “high life” way above the trees, way above the entanglements.  Living as a Soul, enjoying the beauties and brawn this bounteous brave new Eden-world has to offer.  Enjoy the mess, drop the stress!  Live as Light and be alright! 

If you are interested in being parachuted in and taking the explorer’s bold step towards your awakening Soul, as spoken of, then request Initiation into The Sound Current by contacting My Beloved Meditation Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane, through the website www.cosmostree.org or www.spiritcentral.org

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If I were to describe the one thing that takes up my time and energy when I could be putting it to much better use it’s when I am in “my little room” doing my little thing as if no one else is there. Just my little thing as if no one else matters.

The result of being “in my little room” is that I create a disturbance; I certainly disturb the person or persons involved with whatever it is that is being done; and my choice disturbs all of us because we’re One Spirit. It can be as simple as my choosing away from returning an email or phone call in clarity and in a timely manner or my sending written work to someone when I haven‘t taken the time to proofread it because I had something else I’d rather be doing. The “excuse” I give most often is that I was doing my “job”, my “job” in the little room sense of the word.

So, I’m sitting there late at night “cleaning it up.”

I know the little-room-ness of things from both sides of the fence – as disturber and disturbee. Here’s an example. In a recent Satsang My Teacher referred to someone focused on their “own little role”. That was me. Before the Talk began, I set up three devices to record the Talk; then after we had Meditated for two or three minutes, I asked My Teacher whether it was OK to start recording; then I repeated it again and I repeated it again even though My Teacher had said something but I didn’t hear it because I was focused on recording and when to begin doing that. Then My Teacher had to stop because of the interference I had caused.

At the beginning of the Talk, instead of being Present, I was focused on my own little “job”. By doing that, I chose into karma, which takes me out of the Forcefield – the Growth and Upliftment/the Grace brought Forward by My Teacher, Who now has to stop and work a lot harder to do That.

More important, my choice into karma broke the Forcefield. Through the Grace of My Teacher the Forcefield was reconstituted and the Satsang continued. If My Teacher had chosen otherwise, I would have been responsible for the Growth and Upliftment that the Souls present would otherwise have received from the Satsang.  

I was in my little room – focused on, OK, now I turn on the recorder. I was focused on my “job”, as if the Service I am Honored to do, were a “job” in the world. I left out the “big picture”, Which is My Teacher/God/all Souls. As long as I pushed that button on the recorder, who cares, really, what was needed, etc. That’s the attitude with it.

Here’s What My Teacher said in this regard during the Satsang:

“Now, if you paid close attention … at the beginning – that to me was very indicative that so many of us are focused on our own little role, not aware of a bigger sense going on. Not aware of the Spirit That we are, not aware, as was said so beautifully earlier, that God lives in us as us. So God lives in me as me. That It’s God and we need to have that sense – not just the sense of your little, small job egotistically – but how it fits in in the bigger picture and that you are the bigger picture and we all do our part to bring forth the movement of Spirit and the Spiritual Progression and the Spiritual Energy Patterns That are here and That come to the planet. …”

My deeper understanding is that I need to just Be and to Trust and to be quiet and to Allow the next step – rather than running my ego in everyone’s face – “my little job”, “my little job”, “my little job.” I’m with The Teacher inwardly, by Being in the Soul Body with Him.

I also Know that we are One Spirit; and that my choice to break the Forcefield, Which is an Extension of the Lord, God Himself into this world, disturbs all Souls. As My Teacher has Taught, a butterfly flapping its wings in one place – or my choice into karma – can cause a hurricane someplace else.

Earlier today, I asked someone to please send an email to someone with information about attending an Event that was taking place later today. The email was sent – and I thanked this person for their Service – only it left out key information that the person needed in order to attend.

I Received this action energetically as a “little room” action, a “my job in the world” experience. As a karmic/disturbing action. It took my time and my energy. I also cared that this person did, in fact, attend this Event; and to me, This Attendance was the Priority: that this Soul attend the Meditation Of The Light Of The Most High that evening, that this Soul Receive That Blessing/Tap into the Light.

When I asked that clear instructions be sent, the person responded that this person “was at work” and would do so soon. I have since Learned that I needed to say that this needed to be done immediately.

I was “at work”, too, on that Satsang conference call, outside mySelf doing the “job”. Blind to the Sacredness of The Service, to the Priority, habitually going with the priority with a small “p”, with the one(s) the basic selves – the part of us that brings forward our karmic patterns – want us to follow.  

One more example: I recently had a videoconference-call scheduled and the person was 30 minutes late. I waited. Same thing, basically – she was doing her “job” in the world, which, as it turned out, was “something came up with my kids that I had to take care of.” The focus was on “my little job” instead of on What My Teacher Teaches, Which is Individual Responsibility With And In A Group Focus.

Anytime I’m doing “my job” in the world and that’s my focus, I’m in karma and creating more and that disturbance is violence towards others. As My Teacher has Taught me many times, what I do affects others, The Teacher in particular.

The Solution is the Priority – the Job is Being Centered/Present; the Business I’m in is the Business of Loving God, as My Teacher Teaches. Being in Alignment with the Priority – Lining Up with That.

And doing Self-talk so that I am in Loving Cooperation inside mySelf.

Anything else is karma for which I’m Responsible.

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About sixteen months ago I moved into a new apartment and, when I did, a friend of mine strongly recommended that I buy a particular vacuum cleaner. The friend also enthusiastically told me about a great “deal” this friend had gotten on it and that if I went online now, I could get the same one. The deal involved signing up for six “easy” monthly payments.

I quickly purchased the cleaner by way of the easy payments.

Then a few things happened. First, I fell behind in the payments. Second, I shared my own enthusiasm for the new machine – it was the “hot, new” cordless one – with a Fellow Initiate who had also been cleaner-shopping.

I was so excited about my newfound cordless vacuum that I urged my dear friend to stop by for a personal demonstration. My friend was Neutral and chose to simply ask questions about the machine and then to try it out. At first, I felt annoyed by all the questions because I was “caught” on taking it personally, as if she were making me wrong. And on my own “insistence” on being “right”.

Once I let go, however, I immediately began in a day or so to do in-depth machine-related research mySelf and boy! did I discover a lot. As someone with dust and other allergies, I found out that I needed to avoid an “open bag” machine like this one in favor of one with a “closed bag”.  I also realized that if other than dust were to be vacuumed up, an open container could potentially keep it in place instead of ultimately in the garbage. I recalled, too, that I had asked the company from which I had purchased it to please confirm that the machine had a HEPA filter – a safeguard for those with allergies – and that no matter how many times I had asked, the person had said “HEPA-style”. I had been so “caught” on pleasing my enthusiastic friends or perhaps being liked that I chose away from looking into it further.

Then I recalled something else: when I had first used the machine, it had suddenly stopped working after 30 minutes or so and I was unable to finish vacuuming the apartment. I had eventually watched a YouTube video from which I learned that the machine has approximately 35 minutes or so of vacuuming time on its lowest speed and ten on “max”. Research also showed that the machine could be hard to use (“unwieldy”) and I recalled that when my dear friend had picked it up to do a round of vacuuming it had taken her for a ride across the room.

Then, finally, I chose to read up on the machine in Consumer Reports hoping for a comprehensive “rundown” only to find out that the publication had stopped reviewing it because it didn’t meet its standards for review.

Then I noticed a whole lot of them for sale on ebay; and that the company had set up a separate division to do nothing but resell the machines there.

At first, post-research, I was stunned. How could this be? And isn’t this the hot new machine of the moment? The one “everyone” has?

It was no accident that my dear friend had come over and asked those pertinent questions and done so Neutrally. She treated herSelf Lovingly and her family as well. And she chose to role-model Living in Integrity and Responsibility.

It came to me pretty quickly after this visit, from a place of Integrity, that I needed to purchase a new machine that was the best for my health and for those who visit me, which included Initiates who have sensitivities as well. I didn’t care about the money at all. I knew I was Supplied.  

And so I did the “new machine” research I needed to do and bought the best possible one for my health and that of anyone who visits me. The store where I  purchased it discounted it many times over and then insisted on delivering it to my home free of charge to make everything “easy” for me.

But what came next truly surprised me. The first time I vacuumed with the new machine, I noticed that the floors were shining as never before. Glowing. And they stayed aglow as if this were a permanent gift to me versus a thin film appearing in a day. Of course, I felt better, too, as if my lungs were able to spread their wings.

I Knew The Glow was the Glow of God. Once I had Lined up with mySelf, the outer cleaning mirrored the inner One. I Knew I was Worth it.

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         As the coronavirus has spread around the world, I’ve made an important discovery. I’ve discovered that when I help others – not to “get” anything, etc. – by allowing mySelf to be Moved there as a Natural Process, I feel great; I feel healthy; sometimes I feel excited, too. I feel Loved and Cared for.

Early on in this “situation”, for example, I was moved to call my clients to see how they were doing. Not the usual focus on selling something or getting something done. I was in a reason-free zone: there was no “reason” for the calls; I have no “memory” of them; each just is. I can’t “go down a ‘memory track’”, as My Teacher has Taught, when I live as Spirit. There are no “past reference points”; and reasons are of the mind, which can’t “access” Spirit. As My Teacher Teaches, the mind loves to create “problems” that it can then go and solve. As Spirit, I’m in a problem-free zone.

Here’s more of what I’ve Learned by Allowing mySelf to be Moved into helping others:

1. A dear friend of mine often tells me what to do; and, up until now, I’ve allowed mySelf to be plenty annoyed by it. As My Teacher has explained to me, basic selves – the part of us that brings forward our karma – can’t stand to be told what to do. This Glorious Movement into helping others has meant that I do the same thing my dear friend does – all the time! I didn’t let the scowls of two people I know stop me from telling them to stand back from me social-distancing-wise. And guess what? The next day when I saw the same two people they were wearing masks and gloves and they kept their physical distance, which they had not before that.

2. To help others “nags” at me; it’s a “voice” I hear and that I’m listening to more often now. For instance, My Teacher is Giving His Students – Initiates Of The Sound Current On The Path Of Soul Transcendence – the Great Gift of Meditations Of The Light Of The Most High via teleconference while the New York Home Center is temporarily closed during this “situation”. Before getting everyone on the line today – I am Blessed to Host these Sacred Meditations – I heard inwardly to call two Initiates and share the Power of This Gift.

For a split-second before making those two calls, some fear came up. I did the Two-Part Release by calling in the Light Of The Most High: “Lord, God, send me Your Light! Lord, God, for the Highest Good take this fear from me!” I told mySelf, “it’s OK to let it go!” Then I called.

3. When I give to mySelf it’s easier for others to do the same. And the giving is giving to ourSelves. One of those I called got right on the line. I was Touched; nearly moved to tears; It’s all Love, I Knew.

4. It’s important to be Consciously Positive always. I make very quick inner shifts – super-fast – into the Positive, including when I’m talking. I’m very conscious of this. “The world doesn’t need any more negativity.   That’s for sure!” My Teacher says.

5. As My Teacher has Taught many times, my job is to be Empathetic – not sympathetic. Earlier this month, my family had an unveiling for an aunt who died a year ago. Because of the current “situation”, the unveiling was held via Zoom, the video conferencing service. I noticed that when an adult family member who is visibly incapacitated physically came on the screen, participants covered up their own discomfort by speaking to him in baby talk as if he were two-years old. Empathy, according to The Teachings, as Dr. Lane has Taught me, is the Knowing that everyone is Spirit. God’s in everyone and that they’re given what they can handle and are perfectly capable of handling whatever comes their way; and it’s karmically correct. There is no victimhood. It is not a judgment, “oh my gosh, isn’t this awful”, which is sympathy.

I also Knew inwardly that the Lord, God/My Teacher had Blessed my family with His Grace. These many Souls – and this particular member and his brother, who hosted this event, in particular were Graced. I stayed in the Integrity of That Knowing and the Knowing that there was nothing for me to do but hold steady inside mySelf, which I did. Up until now, I might have projected my own anxiety “out there” by babbling: blah, blah, blah.

I sent these two family members in particular the Light Of The Most High; and, later on – as My Teacher Teaches – I held It for them “whether they know it or not.”  Holding the Light means being Empathetic, Which is Knowing that everything is karmically correct and that Souls are only given what They can handle. Holding the Light feels like a solidification in my heart. This is Doing Something Important. It is helping others. And It is part of practicing Empathy, as I have Learned from My Teacher. Sending the Light Of The Most High is a Very Powerful Action/Gift to Souls.

I Knew in this “family situation” that I am Spirit and not the “role” I play in the world; that Spirit is My Identity; and that I belonged to the Family of Initiates. I stayed in that Knowing, too.

6. I am sharing the above as a “cure”. The Cure is the Sound Current, Which is, in Essence, Who I am. It is Allowing mySelf to be Moved as/by Spirit. As Dr. Lane states in the Title of One of Our Teacher’s Talks, “Give – Then Give Some More.” (MP3 A53) Giving, as I’ve Learned more deeply, is the Nature of Spirit. It’s a Natural Process. I Know that It has a lot to do with my Knowing I’m Safe and Protected, too. It – Giving as the Nature of Who I am – “obliterates” everything else/the negativity.

I highly recommend It as the way of being.

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For a long time now, I’ve wanted to write a blogpost titled “Is Karma ‘Contagious’?” because I know it is.

I witness examples every day. All day every day.

Often, it’s “cultural karma” – My Teacher has referred to this – and unless we’re Centered in Spirit, we can easily be busy choosing into it and spreading the contagion around.

Take, for instance, something I see often: many women I know aren’t interested in what the world calls “a career” or in “building a career” – they want to stay home with their children or do something else altogether – but they buy into it [the negativity/karma] because that’s the status, the karma that’s floating around in the world in which we live.

There’s no such thing as a female Soul or a male Soul, as The Teachings Teach us. These many women I know are at choice and the Only Real Choice is to Know ourSelves as Spirit, as Soul, which is Who and What we are. That’s our Purpose here on this plant, as My Teacher Teaches.

I can pretty much always tell when someone is not true to him- or herSelf because that person’s voice changes as if they are out of tune with themSelves, out of alignment.

At this time of the coronavirus, there’s plenty of negativity/karma being put out by the media; and lots of people are buying into it, choosing into it and spreading it around, creating even more karma.

That’s how we end up in wars, as I’ve Learned from My Teacher. We create and persist in negativity – the hatred, hostility, violence, really – inside ourSelves and it manifests outwardly. As My Teacher Teaches, there is a magnetic quality to it and it is “catching” whether “inner” or “outer”; the basic selves – the part of us brings forward our karmic patterns – loves to belong. They love contagion.

If we’re not fully conscious through Initiation Into The Sound Current, it’s a lot easier to choose into following along.

As My Teacher has Taught, negativity is “violence” and that violence affects all Souls, including the One who created it. My Teacher has given the example of a friend’s mother who was angry at her sister and created cancer; and of negativity created in one country that creates hurricanes in another.

When we create negatively the “action” takes place in the Inner Worlds; the violence we’ve created goes into the cosmic mirror and is reflected back to us and we take it as real, making it ever-so easy to spread it around and for others to “pick it up”. We choose into the karma, cultural and otherwise. [ed.’s note: As Our Teacher has stated karma on whatever scale is a reflection of individuals’ karma]

When we’ve allowed this choice into karma, we’ve been “had” by our basic selves, as My Teacher has Taught me many times – unless we take Initiation and do our Spiritual Work exactly as Taught by Our Teacher, Which includes constantly educating our basic selves to “go down a new track(s)” by using the Four Rules of Self-Talk as Taught by Our Teacher in the Everyday Evolution I Class.

Nevertheless, Initiate or non-Initiate, we are always at choice. We are That Important. The Lord, God has created a Perfect System where we have Free Will, Which means we are Responsible for our creations. This also makes us All-Powerful. As My Teacher Teaches we are the First Manifestation of the Lord, God, Which is the HU in HUman. We have dominion over all things, as My Teacher Teaches as well. In this Magnificent System, we are Loving Partners with the Lord, God in the Oneness of Spirit. We are Protected and Loved; the Choice into That is ours.

My Teacher has also Taught me what stress is and it is apropos of this blogpost: stress is negativity/karma that is outside of me that I choose to take “inside.” That’s the contagion and I can choose into it – or I can be mySelf: at Peace and in Joy as the Spirit I am.

My Teacher has Taught me something else that is crucial: that the negativity that we choose into and persist in is as toxic as any “virus”. My Teacher Instructed us on this in a revolutionary Talk titled “DIS-EASE: Creation? Creative? Conclusion? – A Participatory Satsang”.

Here’s What My Teacher said, using the coronavirus as an example:
“You can’t get within six feet of somebody because you may give them the virus or they may catch the virus but what about the negativity you run: the anger, the hurt, the pain, the resentment? That’s not catchable? … that’s not toxic? So another thing that needs to come out of this is the realization that negativity is just as toxic as any physical virus. …”

As My Teacher said to me in an Open Hour, the semiweekly times each week when My Teacher is available for Spiritual Counseling: “Stay in the Loving.”

I wish this for all of you. And for this magnificent planet that has been so Lovingly brought forward by the Lord, God as the One Place where, through Initiation Into The Sound Current, we have the Opportunity to Know ourSelves as Soul, as Spirit and to Love ourSelves and all Souls.

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Dr. Lane’s most recent Satsang – the March 2020 Talk (MP3 A271 on cosmostree.org) – was rare in that It was “A Rare Question-And-Answer Satsang” by Title. While the questions were excellent one about the coronavirus, now spreading around the world, stands out. In a nutshell, the questioner asked how much are we protected and how much is personal responsibility?

And while the question referred to Initiates Of The Sound Current, of Which I am One, my preference is to share my experience over the last couple of days based on this Talk as these Instructions I believe are relevant to all Souls.

Dr. Lane stated, “It’s Our Responsibility to do whatever we need to do … Take basic precautions in terms of how you wash your hands … or exposing yourSelf, that sort of stuff. …”

 “And also, it’s very important since you do have access to the Light Of The Most High to put it into the Light and ask for a Clearing and Pray in a sincere way. …  But also take Responsibility for this thing called mankind by putting it in the Light! … and asking that it be handled differently. Prayer is extremely, extremely strong. … Make sure you’re working it empathetically, which means … there’s God in this Being, this Being can handle it. …”

If you have not yet chosen to take Initiation Into The Sound Current, you can nevertheless work with the Light Of The Most High as follows: Call in the Light Of The Most High by saying “Lord, God, send me Your Light!” Say inside yourSelf: “For the Highest Good, Lord, God, [fill in your preference(s)].” It is extremely powerful.  

“So if you practice those things on both a micro – and a macro – level that will be enormously helpful. … It’s never the thing itself, it’s always how we respond to it. …”

This is how I’ve responded to this situation since the Talk:

I’ve gone with my Knowing: For example, yesterday I was in a large grocery store and the shelves were nearly empty; so many people had come in and stocked up. There was a part of me that wanted to “go out there” and get all worked up about the situation, etc. Instead I just stayed with My Knowing that there was plenty of food; that I’m Supplied; and I chose to simply look at the food that was indeed available and perhaps try some new things!

And that’s what happened. I noticed that the few items left often happened to be among the most expensive so I just went for it; and I just asked the Lord, God for the Highest Good to replace now whatever money I did spend.

As I was purchasing some lovely looking salmon the man behind the counter started to tell me in an “urgent” manner how I needed to go the store before it opened at 7 am because by 7 the lines would be around the block! I just stayed with purchasing this lovely salmon dressed with ginger and orange. There was food then; there will be food the next time.

The man next to me said he didn’t know how to handle the shopping – go with food he didn’t want or take a chance on showing up and maybe there would be and maybe not. I said quietly that I had chosen to shop. With that he pointed out that the hake – the other fish left – was delicious made with his favorite recipe, which he shared. I purchased the hake.

It actually felt rather Luxurious, like a real treat to mySelf to buy “real food” instead of the usual “stuff” I pick up “on the fly” most days. I felt deepening Gratitude to the Lord, God for this Abundant Supply; for the Opportunity; and for the fact that, even though I was in a grocery store that had been “packed” with people all day (more than one employee told me that), when I was there, other than a handful of others, I had the place to mySelf. Since “tying up my camel” has meant maintaining “social distancing” – something much harder if not “impossible” in a store that is “packed” – I Knew this “extra space” around me was a Blessing. I also Knew from Dr. Lane that what has erroneously been called “social distancing” is actually “physical distancing”.

Many times in the last day or two, I put the situation with the coronavirus into the Light Of The Most High for the Highest Good. I’ve called in the Light Of The Most High like this: “Lord, God send me Your Light!” And I’ve sent the Light ahead of me to Transmute, Lift and Clear any karma, including – ifappropriate – the coronavirus from me and from all Souls for the Highest Good. I’ve sent Healings and Blessings to all those involved with the virus situation in any way. I’ve asked the Lord, God to send me the Healing Light Of The Most High and to please take anything that is not of health. I also put my preference into the Light Of the Most High for the Highest Good that a cure is found now and that everyone around the world work together easily and effortlessly now to help all Souls affected.

Staying in Integrity was important to me, too. For instance, when I was leaving to canvass the neighborhood near the Home Center, I stayed in my Integrity, which was to avoid stopping at the local copy shop to have them copy the flyers I put out because, as a precaution, I didn’t want anyone there to handle them. Yes, stuff came up – did I have time right then to do it another way?? If I print them at home before I leave will they look OK on the white paper I have instead of the usual gorgeous gold? Oh! will doing this run my printer cartridge out so I have to buy a new one right away? That “stuff” didn’t even last a second because I just stayed firmly in Integrity and printed the flyers from home. ‘Lo and behold they were absolutely gorgeous! I had no idea my old printer would automatically print them in color, in a brilliant shade of gold that surpassed the usual ones color-wise!

In the Talk, Dr. Lane spoke to us about our basic selves, the part of us that brings forward our karmic patterns. Basics “go out there”; they love to belong and boy! do they love to “pile on” re: getting all upset, etc. That “stuff” is “basic self stuff!”, as Dr. Lane has often said.

Dr. Lane shared this: “You can see this contagion of … tremendous fear, which is basic self stuff. So you want to, inwardly, be aware of that so that you’re not getting caught on that. It’s easy to feel that magnetic quality and you just go with it.”

I did update my basics as to what was going on in general and asked them to support me in being Present so we’re calm and in Peace and Joy.

As I write this, I am also doing the Two-Part Release Technique – calling in the Light Of The Most High and asking the Lord, God to take any fear from me! I tell mySelf, “(my name) it’s OK to let it go!”

As an Initiate Of The Sound Current have direct access to the Lord, God and the Knowing is direct Knowing. If you have not yet requested the Gift of Initiation Into The Sound Current, you can still ask the Lord, God to take anything that separates you from the Spirit you are!” And tell yourSelf, “(your name) it’s OK to let it go!”

I do encourage you to request Initiation Into The Sound Current because That’s the Way to come to Know ourSelves as Spirit, as Soul and That’s Our Purpose here. This virus is just another Gift for us to use to Lift. As Initiates we Know That. And if we’re smart, we use it!

We also Know, as Dr. Lane explained, that Souls who are infected are simply going through their karma as all of us are and it is here for our Learning. And, yes, as My Teacher said, they can handle it as I can handle mine. My Teacher has so brilliantly explained regarding this virus that one of the “reasons” it is here is for us to Learn to work together, to co-operate.

Today, I picked up the phone to see how someone was doing who had been planning to travel abroad amid what has been a ban on travel from some overseas spots back to the U.S. Up until now, I would likely have “thought” about it but not really “taken the time” to call nor been sincerely caring, which I was.

I was really struck by how much the man in the food store cared about my understanding how to make the hake; and that it was a healthful fish because is wild caught. I don’t cook and he made sure I did understand by repeating it four or five times. It all felt like it was part of what is coming forward with this Opportunity.

And boy! is Caring and direct Knowing easy as is working with the Light Of The Most High! And yes, all of The Teachings as brought forward by Dr. Lane are crucial protections for me. I am being Responsible – responding to the Spirit I am – as Dr. Lane has beautifully explained.

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One of my two favorite Talks given by Dr. Roger B. Lane, the Founder/Director of Cosmos Tree, is titled “The Story Of The Tuna Fish Sandwich”. What I love so much is that It’s all about the Simple Solutions.

The example given by Dr. Lane in this Talk of Spiritual Instruction “is based on something that someone I know very well went through recently undergoing a medical procedure … And after the procedure was over went to the recovery room, etc. and they were monitoring her. … And the oxidation rate was very, very low. And before you knew it they had four doctors talking about all these possibilities that they could do for this person whose oxidation rate was very low, who turned very cold and had to have blankets put on her, etc., etc. And while they’re talking about all these possible high tech solutions to this major problem the patient just looked up at them and said, ‘Could you please give me something to drink and eat?’ It had been well over 17 hours since that person had eaten. … So they gave this person a tuna fish sandwich and, as she begins to eat the tuna fish sandwich, the doctors see on the monitoring device that – thank you very much! – now she is doing very fine.

“So here are these four experts. … They were trying to find this total solution and it was totally divorced from the person, from the patient. It was almost like it was a mental exercise, ‘How can we solve this problem?’ And they lost touch of a very basic need: if you don’t eat for a long time your blood sugar is going to go down; you’re probably going to get cold; you’re going to get tired; your oxidation rate falls. Nothing very complicated about that, you know. And they lost sight of that.”

I, too, allowed mySelf to “get mental” and create a problem I had to then go and solve in a medical situation.

Six-plus years ago, I started to feel pressure on my left eye. As an Initiate Of The Sound Current On The Path Of Soul Transcendence, I have been Blessed with a Reference Point of Dr. Lane, My Spiritual Teacher, sharing a Simple Solution to a seemingly “serious” medical situations. For instance, the time I was so dizzy I couldn’t function. After I asked My Teacher for My Teacher’s Help, My Teacher Lovingly shared how My Teacher had handled it for Himself, which was to put a diode on the computer to prevent radiation “leakage”. I did the same and one diode later I was fine.

Dr. Lane told me to see my eye doctor right way. My doctor was unavailable so I Googled eye doctors in my area and called the one closest to my apartment, who told me to come right over. He then told me that I had “to practice better eye hygiene” by washing my lids everyday with Baby Shampoo.

I never followed the instructions. Too simple. Too basic. Instead, I ran my agenda. How come none of these doctors know what’s going on? Would I lose my sight? Is my brain involved?

Last month I saw my eye doctor yet again for the same thing. Unable to find anything once again, he was giving up when he suddenly decided to take a magnified picture of my lids. He winced and told me I had a lot of debris on my lashes and lids and that I needed to wash this area daily with Baby Shampoo. He also gave me a spray to help with the clean-up.

Three weeks of eye hygiene and I feel like a gigantic weight has been lifted off my lids. The “pressure” is gone.

The pressure was the pressure I was putting on mySelf with the stories and the worry, the mental cogitation that included my favorite MO, up until now -– investigating things “endlessly”. This situation, I now understand, was a Precious Gift from Spirit/My Teacher for me to Lift and Grow, for me to get my Learning., Which is Knowing and Accepting how much I am Loved. From There I Receive the Simple Solutions because I Know I am Worthy of the Spirit I am, of the Spirit we all are.

I also Know that the shampoo isn’t the latest answer to eliminating pressure or “weight” on one’s eye(s). I simply followed the Instruction; and Spirit removed the pressure. I did my part and Spirit met me more than half way.

A Note: Excerpts from “The Story Of The Tuna Fish Sandwich” were taken from the January/February Issue of SpiritCentral, the Cosmos Tree Newsletter. Read the article in full by going to comostree.org, clicking on “Newsletter” on the upper right and scrolling down to “Complete List of Newsletters”.

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I used to work as a journalist; and in that role I had often thought about writing an article titled “scheduling as a weapon” because my observation was and is that people use their calendars to avoid Responsibility as if they didn’t create those schedules to begin with, as if those schedules have power over them. 

Here’s an example: let’s say I am on a committee and our group goal is to handle an event that is coming up in another city. And one committee member, whose participation is needed, says “I can’t go. I work.”

Another example: I currently help organize the teleconferencing and videotaping of the monthly Talks that Our Spiritual Teacher, Dr. Lane, Lovingly and Generously Gives at the New York City Home Center. For these Talks, someone had agreed to be of Loving Service by handling an important task. For the most recent Talk, the person said that he or she was unable to do so because this person’s grown child was coming over that night.

One more: let’s say someone committed to attend an event that is crucial to that person’s Spiritual Growth and other people were already involved in that person’s attendance; and at the last minute this person chooses not to show up and says that this person’s spouse needs care when, in fact, this spouse was perfectly fine with the care already provided.

What comes to me is that children – younger and older – are often being used so that their parent(s) don’t have to be Responsible. And ditto for spouses on the other end of someone who is attached to what the other will think or say if they move on, which could be absolutely nothing at all. And how beautiful and instructive it would be for these parent(s) and spouse(s) to role model being Responsible! That these are real lost Opportunities – up until now.

My observation is and has been that adults often learn much the way children do – by example. So my wish is that the spouse “being used” will be able to give something crucial to him- or herSelf after seeing his or her spouse do same. What a Gift! By the way, using your spouse to hold yourSelf back is not Love. Being yourSelf is! I – and many others – have Learned This and continue to Learn This from My Spiritual Teacher.

So here’s how to Self-schedule, which is “scheduling” from a Spiritual Perspective. Otherwise, “scheduling” is a weapon because you’re running your agenda instead of God’s. Your agenda is separation, which is violence. Creating negatively, which is attachment, is karma and you are responsible for these creations. Any creation away from Spirit, from Who you really are, is karma, is separation.

In each of the above examples, which are based on real situations, I felt a “pull” across my gut as if someone had smashed me in the stomach. I also felt a real need for those involved to practice Loving Kindness, which begins with being Kind to themSelves by being Responsible.

First, put the entire “subject” of “scheduling” into the Light Of The Most High. Call in the Light like this: “For the Highest Good Lord, God, send me Your Light!” Inside yourSelf say, “Please place all scheduling from now on into Your Light for the Highest Good!”

As Dr. Lane has Instructed, Co-Create what you wish/prefer with the Lord, God for the Highest Good by saying inside yourSelf, “Lord, God, I wish to [fill in what you wish/prefer]. For the Highest Good, please Co-Create this with me.” 

Let Go! Let God! Avoid chewing or running your agenda.  Instead Allow. In Spirit, there is no lack, limitation or condition.

You may also Choose to ask for Clarity and Guidance before you “schedule” or say anything to anyone about your so called “schedule”.  My observation is that whenever people take a moment first to ask the Lord, God for Clarity and Guidance, these schedules are “weapon-free”.

Do so by calling in the Light Of The Most High as noted above and ask the Lord, God for the Highest Good to send you Clarity and Guidance on [fill in; for instance, how can I be with my daughter/be a good parent and also handle the task Lovingly as I agreed to do?”]

If fear/worry/doubt come up, you can do the Two-Part Release Technique by calling in the Light Of The Most High and ask the Lord, God to take it and tell yourSelf, “(your name) it’s OK to let it go!”

You can also simply direct your basic selves, the part of you that brings forward your karmic patterns, the moment you know you have a responsibility to fulfill. So inside yourSelf, say “basics come present!” Then direct them: “I need your cooperation and energy to [fill in; write the newsletter articles or do task, etc.]. You can also ask them to cooperate with more than one action. Reinforce this direction as needed.

As Dr. Lane Teaches, what we all need to do, bottom line, is Surrender! Surrender your agenda! Allow yourSelf to be moved to deeper and deeper levels of Surrender by using these beautiful Opportunities to do so!

So Surrender is what I chose to do on July 4th, the date of that most recent Talk. I could have gone to see the fireworks or seen a movie; after all, isn’t everyone “off” that day? Or let that unfulfilled task “go begging” instead of Surrendering and Co-Creating with Spirit even though I don’t consider mySelf an expert in it and could have been “nervous”. Instead, I was Led. I handled multiple tasks, which went perfectly.  I Knew It was the Magic Show at Work. It was Pure Grace. It was Pure Joy. As a result of my Choice to do my part.

Thank you, Lord, God. Thank you, Dr. Lane.

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I recently said something to My Spiritual Teacher, Dr. Roger B. Lane, Who is also the Founder and Director of Cosmos Tree, that was untrue.

I told Dr. Lane a dramatic, emotion-filled “poor-me” story about how I had been “homeless” for months now.  Dr. Lane immediately asked me why was I lying to Him.

I have lied a lot, up until now, making excuses for the lies instead of taking Responsibility. This blog is based on what I was Taught by Dr. Lane in Open Hour, the twice-weekly time periods when Dr. Lane Generously provides Spiritual Guidance to anyone who needs help in their lives; and on Homework given to me in Open Hour.

The lie I was telling was based on these facts: I had an emergency in my apartment, which I’ve blogged about before; as a result, I moved into a hotel. Then back into my apartment where I lived in the bedroom and one other room because most of the furniture had been removed. Then I lived in another apartment loaned to me; then I was told that I had to move out of my usual apartment. I moved into that other loaned apartment for a longer period of time and, as I write this, I have made an offer on a new apartment and am waiting to be approved by the building’s board so I can move in there.

Why did I choose to lie?  Part of it was habitual. Instead of being fully conscious of everything I put out, I went with the drama – a tale that I am certain everyone I know except My Spiritual Teacher would participate in with great relish. By creating negativity, I had made it harder for others to Lift and to Grow – and for mySelf. I am Responsible for my creations, as Dr. Lane Teaches often, and for this lie, which is negativity, which is violence and which affects us all because – in Reality – we are One Spirit.

Integrity is a Key Teaching – It is to Focus into Spirit and live as the Spirit we are. All Actions Flow from There. I was out of Integrity, which affects All Souls; and again, makes it harder for “others” to Lift and to Grow.

The Truth was and is exactly the opposite of this self-created drama and violence. As Dr. Lane said to me early on in this period of four or so months, “you are having a blast!” Indeed, whatever this looked like “out there” and however much a great “story” it made – I was Loving the moving and the moving again and the opportunity to become fully mobile with just my computer, a stripped-down wardrobe and zero furniture! How great! And the Learning I’m getting over and over again about being better organized. Wow! What a Blessing from the packing and unpacking and packing again! I’ll never go back to the “old” way. And I can pick up and work on a Service Project anywhere in the world 1-2-3 for Cosmos Tree as directed by Dr. Lane!

I also Knew by going with my Knowing that all of this – the emergency, the moves, etc. – were brought forward for me to Lift and Grow. And boy! Have I been Lifting and Growing! I Knew inwardly right away with the first emergency that it was a Spiritual Action – part of which was for me to be better organized and also to go through this outer situation easily and effortlessly and in Joy, Which I did. It was also to surrender negativity, which I’ve also done, and which I know I need to do consistently.

It is my Job to stay in the Truth of the “blast” I am having no matter what!

I also knew – by going with my Knowing – that I was Learning that I am a Powerful Creator.  I Learned This in part by practicing Positive Co-Creation, Which is working with the Light Of The Most High to ask God for what I wish/my preference. I Co-Created with God living rent-free – not just anywhere but in way overpriced New York City – and that is exactly what I am doing now, living rent-free for a month in a very fancy place on Central Park South, one of the best locations in the city. The apartment overlooks  the waters of Central Park – more vacation spot than work-a-day apartment – and comes complete with maid service. I also Co-Created “the apartment of my dreams,” which is exactly what I was led to, literally. Someone tapped me on the shoulder one recent Sunday and asked to show me an apartment and that’s the one I made an offer on!

It’s really been an adventure! A Wonder-ful, fun adventure. And my Learning, too, has been that I simply tell others everything is fine, it’s great; I’m having a blast – no matter how they may choose to respond.

That’s The Truth and Being in Integrity is What helps others most of all, too, no matter how things may look “out there”. And I notice that when I say that I’m fine and everything is fine, most of the time they walk away. They just walk away.

And that’s just fine with me.

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